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World Science: Do apes shake their heads for 'no'?

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    * Scientists explore whether some apes shake heads for no : Preventing an action by someone else may be one purpose for which bonobos shake their heads, a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2010
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      * Scientists explore whether some apes shake 
      heads for "no"
      Preventing an action by someone else may be one
      purpose for which bonobos shake their heads, a study


      * Mice show pain in their faces, study finds:
      Researchers hope a new "grimace scale" will help
      eliminate unnecessary pain in lab rodents.


      * Genome data suggests we mixed with 
      Neanderthals, researchers report
      Scientists say they have decoded more than half the
      genome of ancient Neanderthal people.


      * Study: fleet works 17 times harder for same fish 
      catch of 1880s
      A stunning statistic from the U.K. highlights a
      drastic decline in European fish stocks, researchers


      * CEOs who look the part get paid more, 
      researchers say
      An online beauty contest staged by economists has
      identified links between appearance and success in
      the business world.


      * International pledge on biodiversity broken, 
      study finds
      In 2002, world leaders gathered and pledged to slow
      the rate of biodiversity loss around the globe by this year.


      * Frosty asteroid may hint at origin of oceans:
      Water-ice has been detected for the first time on an
      asteroid, along with organic chemicals, researchers


      * Scientists marvel at "asphalt volcanoes":
      Off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif., a series of
      strange landmarks rise from the sea floor.


      * Studies probe chimps' awareness of death:
      Chimps' awareness of death may be more highly
      developed than is generally believed, some
      researchers say.




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