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World Science: Mysterious dust in a distant solar system

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    * For healthy mental aging, brain games may fill in for schooling: People with less education can avoid the increased risk of memory loss, a study suggests.
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      * For healthy mental aging, brain games may 
      fill in for schooling
      People with less education can avoid the increased
      risk of memory loss, a study suggests.


      * Distant solar system forming from mysterious 
      dust, scientists say
      A far-off solar system seems to be forming from a
      strange dust whose makeup is unlike that of our and
      other solar systems.


      * Baby temperament found to predict adult brain 
      Four-month-old infants' temperament predicts some
      aspects of their brain structure at age 18, 
      researchers say.


      * "Punisher" of the seas is a little finned janitor:
      For small fish known as cleaner wrasse, stepping
      into the line of fire reaps huge rewards, according
      to a new study.


      * "Golden ratio" hints at hidden atomic 
      A hitherto undiscovered order can be found in solid
      matter at very small scales, physicists are reporting.


      * Hubble reveals "uncharted" cosmic zone:
      The space telescope has uncovered a primordial
      population of small, ultra-blue galaxies, according
      to astronomers.


      * "Lifeless" molecules found to evolve, adapt:
      Prions -- infectious molecules that cause fatal
      brain diseases -- can evolve in a Darwinian fashion,
      biologists say.


      * Mosquito lovers "sing" in harmony:
      The insects responsible for the most malaria deaths
      find mates by using their wingbeats to produce tones
      that agree, a study reports.


      * Power promotes hypocrisy: study:
      Behind 2009's scandal-ridden headlines lies a deeper
      psychological pattern, researchers claim.




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