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World Science: Monkeys live longer after eating lighter, study finds

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    * Monkeys live longer after eating lighter: study Cutting calories by 30 percent seems to have remarkable effects, scientists say.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2009
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      * Monkeys live longer after eating lighter: 

      Cutting calories by 30 percent seems to have
      remarkable effects, scientists say.


      * A "theory of everything" is said to solve its first 
      real-world problem
      String theory, which postulates extra dimensions,
      has long been criticized for making promises that it
      failed to live up to.


      * Could coffee reverse Alzheimer's?:
      Studies with mice are suggesting surprising new
      possibilities for treating the memory disorder,
      according to researchers.


      * People only sometimes seek out opposing views, 
      research finds
      People tend to avoid ideas they disagree with -- but
      some factors can prompt them to seek out such points
      of view, scientists report.


      * Finding may help explain giant black holes:
      Astronomers are reporting that they have discovered
      a new class of black holes: mid-sized ones.


      * Scientists look to bat caves for "fountains of 
      Scientists are batty over a finding they say could
      lead to a breakthrough -- significantly longer lifespans.


      * Scientists report capturing first image of memories 
      being made
      Researchers say they have captured the first image
      of a mechanism underlying long-term memory formation.


      * Flute said to be oldest handcrafted musical 
      Early modern humans may have been dancing to
      bird-bone flutes as early as 35,000 years ago,
      scientists say.


      * Oceans in Enceladus? Scientists can't decide:
      Two contrasting findings are leaving researchers
      unsure whether a distant moon has underground


      * Need something? Talk to my right ear!:
      Most of us prefer to be addressed in our right ear,
      and are more likely grant a request when we hear it
      from the right, an unusual investigation has found.



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