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World Science: Study turns pigeons into 'art critics'

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    * Study turns pigeons into art critics : A Japanese researcher is reporting that he has trained birds to tell apart good and bad children s paintings.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2009
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      * Study turns pigeons into "art critics":
      A Japanese researcher is reporting that he has
      trained birds to tell apart "good" and "bad"
      children's paintings.


      * Giant black holes found to be even heavier than 
      New findings may affect the way astronomers theorize
      about galactic evolution.


      * "Guilty look" in dogs mostly owners' fantasy, 
      scientists say
      People may see "guilt" in a dog's body language when
      they think the dog did something wrong – even if it didn't.


      * Researchers find "a touch of glass" in metal:
      Metals and ceramics have more in common with glass
      than has been previously recognized, a new study


      * Lion tamers step aside: beasts could be tamed 
      through genes

      Recent research raises the prospect that humans
      could tame "untameable" species in new ways.


      * Brain energy use proposed as key to under-
      standing consciousness
      Some researchers are proposing a new approach
      to understanding a mysterious state of being.


      * Birds didn't come from dinosaurs, study 
      New findings about bird breathing abilities
      challenge entrenched ideas, some scientists



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