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World Science: 'Language gene' alters mouse squeaks

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    * Language gene alters mouse squeaks: Mice carrying a humanized gene can t talk, but might tell us something about our evolutionary past.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2009

      * "Language gene" alters mouse squeaks:
      Mice carrying a "humanized" gene can't talk, but
      might tell us something about our evolutionary


      * Technique would detect watery worlds:
      An Earth-like planet would appear in telescopes as
      little more than a "pale blue dot." What could we
      make of that?


      * No enforcement, no trade -- not for chimps:
      Scientists have managed to teach chimps to trade a
      primitive "currency." But the creatures never quite
      ran with the idea.


      * Green tea extract reported to show 
      promise against leukemia
      Scientists are reporting positive results in early
      clinical trials using a substance in green tea.


      * "Swine Flu" was circulating undetected, 
      researchers say
      All segments of the virus originated in avian hosts
      and began circulating in pigs at various times in
      the 1900s, according to investigators.


      * Earliest cells might have thrived amid 
      asteroid pummeling
      The so-called Late Heavy Bombardment wasn't
      necessarily the end of the world for ancient
      microbes, scientists say.


      * "Missing link" ancestor reported found:
      A 47-million-year-old fossil connects humans, apes
      and monkeys to other mammals, researchers




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