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World Science: Rock-throwing zoo chimp stocked ammo in advance, researchers say

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    * Technology seen slashing battery recharge time, weight: Engineers say they ve found a way to move energy faster through a well-known battery material.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2009

      * Technology seen slashing battery recharge 
      time, weight
      Engineers say they've found a way to move energy
      faster through a well-known battery material.


      * Rock-hurling zoo chimp stocked ammo in 
      advance: study
      Researchers have found what they call some of the
      first clear evidence that a non-human animal can
      spontaneously plan ahead.


      * Faith found to reduce errors on psychological 
      Distinct brain activity patterns in believers may
      dovetail with performance differences, scientists


      * Warning: warning labels may enhance 
      lure of raunchy video games
      A study claims to have confirmed what many


      * Martian mountain may answer big question:
      One Martian volcano is about three times Mount
      Everest's height. But it's the small details that
      two geologists are looking at.


      * Odd, bouncing fish with lollipop face dubbed 
      new species
      "Psychedelica" seemed the perfect moniker, to a
      scientist who named this creature.


      * Doodling gets its due: tiny artworks may help

      Drawing while listening doesn't necessarily imply a
      wandering mind, a study suggests.




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