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World Science: Fossil snake said to break length record

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    * Fossil snake said to break length record: An ancient South American snake that might make today s feared anacondas seem almost cuddly is renewing discussion
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      * Fossil snake said to break length record:
      An ancient South American snake that might make
      today's feared anacondas seem almost cuddly is
      renewing discussion on why giant species evolve.


      * Like Earth, if you overlook the lava
      A European satellite has revealed a planet only
      twice as large as Earth orbiting a distant star,
      astronomers say.


      * Insulin may help treat Alzheimer's:
      Scientists are reporting that a substance commonly
      used to treat diabetes may also protect against
      the devastating memory-robbing illness.


      * Chemical found to trigger locust swarming:
      A common brain chemical in humans also sparks the
      Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation of desert locusts,
      scientists report.



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