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World Science: Materials for 'Earths' may be common in universe

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    * Materials for Earths may be common in universe: New findings add to evidence that rocky planets are a normal occurrence, astronomers say.
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      * Materials for "Earths" may be common in 
      New findings add to evidence that rocky planets are
      a normal occurrence, astronomers say.


      * Using light beams to grab molecules:
      Researchers say they've created a trap that can
      capture DNA molecules and other tiny objects.


      * Competition, not climate, killed Neanderthals: 

      The stocky breed of early humans couldn't hold its
      own against more modern populations, scientists claim.


      * Life grew in two, millionfold leaps, researchers 
      Earth's creatures come in all sizes, yet scientists
      believe they all descend from the same single-celled


      * Ancient African exodus mostly involved men, 
      geneticists find

      An ancient migration out of Africa is thought to
      have led to most human populations outside the


      * Still today, most will torture if ordered: study
      Scientists say they have replicated an experiment in
      which people would obediently give painful shocks to
      others when prompted.




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