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World Science: Poverty may reduce kids' brain function

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    * Chemistry of other stars planets coming to light: Astronomers have identified carbon dioxide around a planet outside our solar system.
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      * Chemistry of other stars’ planets coming to 
      Astronomers have identified carbon dioxide around a
      planet outside our solar system.


      * Brain drugs for healthy people OK: 

      Healthy people should be allowed to take 
      brainpower-boosting drugs, if the risks are 
      properly managed, some researchers say.


      * Poverty may reduce kids' brain function:
      Scientists are calling new findings an alarming
      "wake-up call."


      * Happiness spreads socially, study finds:
      Your happiness may depend on many people you don't
      know -- friends of friends of friends.


      * How unusual cells may hold key to HIV control:
      Rare people who manage to control HIV on their own
      are offering new insights into how the immune system
      kills infected cells.


      * Scientists produce illusion of body-swapping:
      Neuroscientists say they have gotten people to
      perceive the bodies of mannequins and other people
      as their own.




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