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World Science: Bullies may enjoy others' pain

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    * Bullies may enjoy others pain: Brain scans suggest unusually aggressive youth find pleasure in others suffering, scientists say.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6 11:01 PM

      * Bullies may enjoy others' pain:
      Brain scans suggest unusually aggressive youth find
      pleasure in others' suffering, scientists say.


      * Scientists: cancer genome decoded:
      Researchers report success with a new strategy for
      identifying mutations involved in cancer.


      * Giant simulation could help solve "dark matter" 
      A search for the mysterious substance making up most
      of the material in the universe may be over before
      long, cosmologists claim.


      * Kids' music practice may pay off in other skills:
      Children who study an instrument outperform others
      even in non-musical skills, a study has found.


      * One gene, many results:
      Scientists are learning to their surprise that a
      single gene very often functions differently in
      different parts of the body.




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