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World Science: Birds found to repay help in battle

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    * Tit-for-tat: birds found to repay wartime help Pied flycatchers and red-winged blackbirds share two traits, studies suggest: they re feisty defenders and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2008

      * Tit-for-tat: birds found to repay wartime 

      Pied flycatchers and red-winged blackbirds share two
      traits, studies suggest: they're feisty defenders
      and shrewd account keepers.


      * Atoms interact unexpectedly, researchers

      A surprising process may change our understanding of
      chemical reactions in the atmosphere and our bodies.


      * In mice, "youth" drug seen prolonging vigor 
      but not life:

      A red wine ingredient can ward off many ill effects
      of aging in mice who start taking it at midlife,
      researchers have found.


      * Study finds lasting benefit in banned 
      mushroom drug:

      The compound psilocybin may bring psychological
      benefits, but also harm if taken without proper
      supervision, researchers say.


      * Secret of the great violins? The wood, study

      The elusive key to the unmatched sound of 
      Stradivari may lie in uniformity of density, 
      a scientist claims.



      Due to an editing error, the June 26 article "Most 
      'primitive' four-legged animal described" stated 
      that early animals made a major transition "from 
      land to sea." The shift was actually the other way 
      around. World Science apologizes for the error.



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