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World Science: Gays' brain symmetry resembles other sex, study finds

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    * Study: gays brain symmetry resembles other sex Researchers have found that gay people s brains resemble those of the opposite sex in some ways.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2008

      * Study: gays' brain symmetry resembles other 

      Researchers have found that gay people's brains
      resemble those of the opposite sex in some ways.


      * Eat the parents:
      In a practice thought to be over 100 million years
      old, some creatures feed on their mothers' skin.


      * Some "dwarf planets" are now "plutoids":
      Newly introduced terminology further complicates the
      once-simple concept of "planet."


      * Just-launched telescope scans gamma-ray sky:
      The cosmos looks much different outside the narrow
      range of colors our eyes see.


      * Drug found to cure alcoholic rats:
      Scientists say the research suggests a potential
      treatment for human boozers.


      * Taming volcanoes:
      Chunks of limestone might be key to stopping lava in
      its tracks, a study proposes.




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