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World Science: Dinosaurs along the Grand Canyon?

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    * Dinosaurs along the Grand Canyon?: Arizona s giant gorge may be 55 million years old or more, researchers say.
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      * Dinosaurs along the Grand Canyon?:
      Arizona's giant gorge may be 55 million years
      old or more, researchers say.


      * Drug may limit radiation damage:
      A newly developed drug is reported to protect
      animals' bone marrow and gastrointestinal cells from
      destructive radiation.


      * Understanding of superconductivity may be
      A strange effect called superconductivity offers
      hopes of a new electrical golden age. But scientists
      don't quite know how to get there.


      * Nuke exchange would shred ozone layer:

      The atmosphere's ozone layer blocks cancer-causing
      ultraviolet rays from the sun.



      * Unproven genetic tests called health threat

      * Strange animal finds: Lungless frogs, crawling fish

      * Meteorites left "seeds" of Earth's left-handed life


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