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World Science: Asteroid 'crime family' blamed in dino wipeout

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    * Asteroid crime family blamed in dino wipeout: Scientists say they ve learned where the thing that killed the dinosaurs probably came from.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2007
      * Asteroid "crime family" blamed in dino 
      Scientists say they've learned where the thing that
      killed the dinosaurs probably came from.


      "Spooky" atomic links could lead to 
      "quantum internet"
      Physicists report making two atoms seemingly
      communicate across space.


      Rockers really are more likely to die young:
      The adage "live fast and die young" seems to be true
      for rock and pop stars, a study finds.


      "Lean gene" found:
      Researchers have reported finding a gene that helps
      keep its bearers skinny.


      Surge in youth bipolar diagnoses seen:
      A study notes a 40-fold rise over a decade in the
      number of visits to doctors leading to a diagnosis 
      of bipolar disorder in U.S. youths.



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