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World Science: Finding said to show 'race isn't real' scrapped

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    * Finding said to show race isn t real scrapped: Famed geneticist Craig Venter withdrew his claim that all people have 99.9 percent identical DNA, but he
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2007
      * Finding said to show "race isn't real" 
      Famed geneticist Craig Venter withdrew his claim
      that all people have 99.9 percent identical DNA, but
      he still says race doesn't exist.


      Reports of dolphin's demise premature:
      A businessman has spotted a Yangtze River dolphin
      weeks after it was reported probably extinct,
      scientists say.


      Some gene damage from smoking is permanent: 

      New research may help explain why former smokers are
      still more prone to cancer than those who have never



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