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World Science: 'Youth' pills, hawked online, win over top scientists

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    * Youth pills, hawked online, win over top scientists: A company selling pills with youth-prolonging molecules has snagged a leading biologist and a Nobel
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2007
      * "Youth" pills, hawked online, win over top
      A company selling pills with "youth-prolonging"
      molecules has snagged a leading biologist and a
      Nobel laureate as customers.


      * Cosmic blasts re-evaluated:
      They spit out as much energy in seconds as our Sun
      does in 10 billion years, but no one knows quite


      * Action video games sharpen vision, researchers
      A shoot-em-up game improved students' visual acuity
      20 percent, according to scientists.


      * For some species, an upside to inbreeding:
      While not recommending it for humans, researchers
      found inbreeding may make for better parents.


      * Next-generation particle collider planned:
      A proposed accelerator would recreate conditions in
      the cosmos a trillionth of a second after its birth.


      * Report spurs backing for global body on warming:
      Fear of runaway global warming pushed over 40
      countries to support a bid for a body that could
      single out, and perhaps police, polluting nations.


      * How drugs cause hallucinations:
      Scientists say they have partly explained what
      causes the mind-bending effects of substances such
      as LSD.



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