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277World Science: "Maternal instincts" seen in group of colorful beetles

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  • World Science
    Sep 29, 2013
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      * Could changes to your chromosomes make you 
      Chronic aggression in some boys from poorer families
      may stem from "epigenetic" changes in early life,
      studies suggest.


      * "Maternal instincts" seen in group of colorful 
      A group of related, colorful beetles in the thick
      foliage of tropical forests shows signs of maternal
      instincts and active care, scientists say.


      * Nanotube computer could revolutionize 
      electronics, researchers say
      Engineers have made a basic computer using carbon
      nanotubes, a pasta-like material they hope will
      replace the less efficient silicon.


      * Playing with blocks may boost math skills:
      An old playroom standby may help kids develop skills
      that support learning in science and related fields,
      researchers say.


      * Our "home" black hole's last big blast dated 
      to 2 million years ago
      A sleeping "volcano" lies at the heart of our




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