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272World Science: Poor people found to get fewer painkillers from ER

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  • World Science
    Jun 26, 2013

      * Poor people get fewer painkillers from ER, 
      study finds
      As doctors try to discourage narcotics abuse,
      statistics suggest strong, opioid pain medications
      are preferentially prescribed to the well-heeled.


      * Ball-shaped robot debuts:
      A new robot that takes the form of a rolling ball has
      been tested and seems to work fine, researchers say.


      * Particle may combine nature's building blocks 
      in new way
      A newfound particle may consist of four quarks --
      fundamental units previously thought to group only
      in twos and threes.


      * Scans might reveal even past brain activity:
      Research hints that scientists could probe the brain
      and uncover the history of past experiences.


      * Study confirms contamination near some 
      "fracking" sites
      Stray gases seep into the drinking water in some
      areas where a controversial energy extraction method
      is used, research finds.


      * 9/11 stress linked to resurgence in smoking:
      The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks led about a million
      former smokers across the United States to resume
      the habit, a study suggests.


      * Applause spreads like "disease":
      People pick up the clapping "infection" by hearing
      the volume of applause, rather than seeing their
      neighbors clapping, a study finds.




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