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270World Science: Drug tied to longer, healthy lives in mice

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  • World Science
    May 26, 2013
       * Already-approved drug tied to longer, 
      healthy lives in mice
      The first drug to successfully extend the lifespan
      of normal lab mice also does so in a way that
      prolongs their healthy existence, a study


      * Overeating may be learned in infancy:
      Some simple parenting practices may substantially
      reduce a child's risk of obesity, researchers say.


      * Hurricanes are part of forecast -- for Saturn 
      Titan might be in for wild weather and some of its
      first known waves.


      * Allosaurus ate more like a falcon, T. rex more 
      like a croc, study finds
      Seemingly similar dinosaurs may have had quite
      different feeding styles.


      * Mammoths may have died after impact from 
      Tiny balls of carbon hint at a disaster that melted
      rock and affected at least four continents,
      scientists say.




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