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268World Science: Dream-reading machine in the works?

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  • World Science
    Apr 4, 2013
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      * Dream-reading machine in the works?:
      Scientists have applied computer processing to brain
      scans to see what images pop up in sleeping people's


      * 3-D view inside proton may be coming into 
      Physicists are measuring how the most basic known
      particles -- quarks -- are arranged to make up
      pieces of the atomic nucleus.


      * Simulations may reveal how galaxies become 
      How galaxies like ours get and maintain their
      characteristic arms has proved to be an enduring puzzle.


      * Buddhists are right: meditation makes you kinder, 
      scientists say
      Meditators in a controlled study were found more apt
      to become that nice stranger who steps forward to
      help when no one else will.


      * Scientists use robots to replicate ant colony 
      New experiments show that ants don’t need great
      smarts to navigate efficiently, researchers say.


      * A new way to lose weight?:
      Mice were found to quickly shed weight when
      implanted with gut microbes from other mice that had
      undergone gastric bypass.


      * "Near-death experience" memories found to 
      share qualities with true ones
      The mystical, meaningful experiences sometimes
      described by survivors of close brushes with death
      have long fascinated scientists.




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