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World Science: 1st Earth-sized planet in a 'habitable zone' * First Earth-sized planet in star's "habitable zone" reported found: In a long-awaited first, astronomers report finding an Earth-sized planet possibly able
World Science
Apr 17
World Science: Ripples in space-time "detected" * Ripples in space-time may be detected: Scientists reported detecting waves described as the "first tremors of the Big Bang."
World Science
Mar 18
World Science: Ripples in space-time "detected" * Ripples in space-time may be detected: Scientists reported detecting waves described as the "first tremors of the Big Bang."
World Science
Mar 18
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World Science: Could water in space dust help seed life? * Two-sunned planets don't form easily, study finds: Planets with two stars-like Luke Skywalker's home planet from Star Wars-can only form very far from their
World Science
Feb 3
World Science: DNA-like molecules said to self-assemble * Search suggests no one from future lives amongst us: If time travel is ever to be invented, shouldn't somebody from the future be among us now?
World Science
Jan 6
World Science: Huge geysers on Jupiter moon? * Huge geysers on Jupiter moon? Huge plumes containing water vapor escape Europa's icy crust, hints to the ocean beneath, scientists report.
World Science
Dec 14, 2013
World Science: Tidy Neanderthals? * Tidy Neanderthals? Study probes their use of living space: Neanderthals didn't just throw their stuff everywhere, but organized things, archaeologists say.
World Science
Dec 7, 2013
World Science: Your brain sees things you don't * Study: Your brain sees things you don't: The brain may process and understand visual input that we never consciously perceive.
World Science
Nov 19, 2013
World Science: Love your enemy? Hormone spray might help with that, * Love your enemy? Hormone spray might help with that, too: Inhaling the hormone oxytocin may make people empathize more with outsiders, a study suggests.
World Science
Nov 5, 2013
World Science: "Pristine" gas from birth of universe detected * "Pristine" gas from birth of universe detected: Gas formed minutes after the "Big Bang" is feeding a distant galaxy-a process our own might have undergone,
World Science
Oct 5, 2013
World Science: "Maternal instincts" seen in group of colorful beetle * Could changes to your chromosomes make you aggressive?: Chronic aggression in some boys from poorer families may stem from "epigenetic" changes in early
World Science
Sep 29, 2013
World Science: Norwegian boys becoming more girly -- and that's good * Norwegian boys becoming more girly-and that's good, study suggests: Young schoolboys in Norway are talking about their feelings, holding hands and learning
World Science
Sep 20, 2013
World Science: Orangutans found to plan, communicate future routes * Orangutans found to plan, communicate future routes: Male orangutans plan their travel route up to a day in advance and communicate it to other orangutans,
World Science
Sep 15, 2013
World Science: Dolphins may remember companions more than 20 years * Dolphins found to remember their friends at least 20 years: Dolphins can recognize their old companions' whistles even after long separation, research
World Science
Aug 9, 2013
World Science: Did Neanderthals contribute to our languages? * Neanderthals may have talked -- even contributed to our languages, scholars claim: Surprising proposals come on the heels of findings that Neanderthals
World Science
Jul 10, 2013
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World Science: Poor people found to get fewer painkillers from ER * Poor people get fewer painkillers from ER, study finds: As doctors try to discourage narcotics abuse, statistics suggest strong, opioid pain medications are
World Science
Jun 26, 2013
World Science: Studies may have overestimated human generosity * Studies may have overestimated our generosity: Scientists recreated a game often used to assess people's altruism -- but this time there was a twist, and a
World Science
Jun 17, 2013
World Science: Drug tied to longer, healthy lives in mice * Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy lives in mice: The first drug to successfully extend the lifespan of normal lab mice also does so in a way that
World Science
May 26, 2013
World Science: Study may overturn thinking on human brainpower * Does your physical strength influence your politics?: Men's upper-body strength predicts some of their political views, according to new research.
World Science
May 19, 2013
World Science: Dream-reading machine in the works? * Dream-reading machine in the works?: Scientists have applied computer processing to brain scans to see what images pop up in sleeping people's heads.
World Science
Apr 4, 2013
World Science: In earliest image of cosmos, 'strange' features * How one microscopic creature juggles seven sexes: Biologists say they have figured out how nature determines which of seven sexes a newborn Tetrahymena is
World Science
Mar 27, 2013
World Science: Stars discovered almost next door * Hidden stellar companions revealed almost next door: A pair of newly discovered stars is the third- closest star system to us, and it might harbor planets,
World Science
Mar 11, 2013
World Science: Are we all upside-down? * Your brain cells may be capable of outliving you -- by a lot: New findings make scientists hopeful that if human lifespan is increased, brain cells will
World Science
Feb 25, 2013
World Science: When can a moon harbor life? Scientists investigate * Astronomers find structure so huge it disrupts cosmic uniformity: New findings challenge a longstanding assumption among scientists.
World Science
Jan 11, 2013
World Science: That bird wants a word with you * Study: dogs link words to object sizes, not shapes: Dogs relate words to objects very differently than humans do, new research suggests.
World Science
Nov 28, 2012
World Science: How awful sounds affect our brains * Nasty noises: Why do we recoil at unpleasant sounds? Nails scratching a blackboard and other disturbing noises trigger a seemingly primitive brain response,
World Science
Oct 14, 2012
World Science: Record-distance galaxy may confirm theories * Record-distance galaxy may confirm theories: Leading cosmological theories hold that early, small galaxies merged into the big ones of today.
World Science
Sep 21, 2012
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World Science: Long-sought Higgs particle probably found, physicists * Long-sought Higgs particle probably found, scientists say: The long journey to detect a key subatomic particle might finally have reached its goal,
World Science
Jul 4, 2012
World Science: Gospel of Matthew linked to bizarre self-mutilations * Gospel of Matthew linked to trail of bizarre self-mutilations: A set of verses from a book in the Bible has created consternation among some medical
World Science
Jun 13, 2012
World Science: Are birds just baby dinosaurs? Kind of, scientists sa * Scientists: birds are just baby dinosaurs, in a way There might be a good reason birds are so much cuter and less threatening than their scary ancestors.
World Science
May 31, 2012
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