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European Green Mobility Tour 2010 -

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  • eric britton
    European Green Mobility Tour 2010 It is part of the organization s objective to provide a benchmark of the cities that work the concept of green mobility.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2010
    European Green Mobility Tour 2010 -

    European Green Mobility Tour 2010

    It is part of the organization's objective to provide a benchmark of the cities that work the concept of green mobility.
    Thus, Green Mobility, in cooperation with the Brazilian National Association on Public Transport (ANTP), is organizing the European Green Mobility Tour 2010.
    This tour involves a broad agenda on sustainable urban mobility in Germany, with the participation of German authorities from transport and environmental sector, businesses and organizations of management and technology in transportation, and      universities with projects aimed at innovation in this subject.

    In 10 days we will visit a series of events and projects related to sustainable urban mobility. We will participate in one of the largest fairs in transport innovation and technology, INNOTRANS Exhibition, as well as the International Symposium on Mobility Network of the University of Stuttgart, and get to know more than 20 successful programs and initiatives on mobility management and planning in Germany, such as the electric vehicle system, "E-mobility Berlin", programs on intermodal sharing, and Green City projects of Nuremberg and Freiburg. We will see in practice solutions that are transforming German cities in world references on sustainable, low carbon transport.

    The tour includes 5 German cities: Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, Freiburg and Stuttgart.

    Berlim:  (City Hall of Berlin and German Ministry of Transport and Urban Development)
    1) Visit to urban mobility projects of the senate of Berlin in the field of sustainability - implantation of the Low Emission Zones
    2) Reception with Deutsche Bahn (DB) - technical visit at the Berlin Central Station (operation and modal integration)
    3) Technical visit and test drive with Daimler and RWE for "E-Mobility Berlin", a project considering the largest network for electric vehicles
    4) Participation of the largest exhibition in the world on technological innovation for transport - InnoTrans - specialized on railway transport
    5) Opportunities for technical cooperation in the city of Berlin
    6) Presentation by VMZ (traffic management company in Berlin) on transport planning for the World Cup 2006 and its legacy on mobility

    Nuremberg: (City Hall of Nuremberg)
    1. Green Capital City projects for Nuremberg
    2. Policies on non-motorized integration and the automatized subway system of Nuremberg
    3. Meeting for technical cooperation with the City Hall of Nuremberg
    4. Visit to the Football stadium of Nuremberg
    5. DB Railway Museum (175 years celebration)

    Munich: (City Hall of Munich)
    1. Mobility management policies of Munich
    2. Bus corridors system and traffic management of Munich
    3. Visit to the Allianz Arena and the mobility projects for the World Cup 2006
    4. Tourism in Germany - Royal Castles and open day for Oktoberfest

    Freiburg: (Freiburg Green City)
    1. Reception at the historic City Hall for network
    2. Compact cities - policies on sustainable mobility of Freiburg
    3. Green City projects of Freiburg
    4. Vauban neighborhood - car free projects

    Stuttgart: (City Hall of Stuttgart - Cities For Mobility)
    1. Introduction for Cities for Mobility Network (to be Confirmed)
    2. International Symposium on Networks for Mobility by the University of Stuttgart -

    Know more and register at: www.greenmobility.com.br/tour <http://www.greenmobility.com.br/tour>

    Or contact to João Paulo Amaral : jp@...

    Green Mobility's objectives

    Green Mobility has the major role of contributing to minimize these problems, with the development of integrative solutions on sustainable urban mobility in society and enabling forms of promoting Public and Private Partnership in this segment.

    To contribute with a more sustainable mobility in cities and organizations, by stimulating alternative means of transport, developing sustainable mobility plans reflected on environmental and social gains.
    To stimulate policy makers to establish sustainable and low carbon transport policies and develop methodologies that stimulate the application of the concept of green mobility.

    Lincoln Paiva
    Green Mobility
    + 5511 9435 5189
    skype: lincoln.paiva



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