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EUthenasia for the EUro

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  • Greg Lance - Watkins
    Hi, initially there was EUphoria at the launch of the EUro - surely now is the time for EUthenasia. The news tells me that the EUro has fallen to yet another
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000

      initially there was EUphoria at the launch of the EUro - surely now is the
      time for EUthenasia.

      The news tells me that the EUro has fallen to yet another all time low

      What the news fails to point out is that the asset value of every item in
      the countries which joined the EUro has fallen by over 25percent in 18
      months - thus homes, houses, cars, monetary deposits, cash, pensions,
      savings and salaries have fallen by over 25percent.

      Add to this the EU's own quoted figures, the latest of which is for May,
      which clearly states that 10.6 Billion Pounds of hard currency has flooded
      out of the EUro zone during May alone - making an annual rate of 127 Billion
      Pounds flooding out of the EUro zone.

      I submit that if you had a dog which was 25percent less health and bleeding
      to death at this rate you would rather take it to the vet for EUthenasia
      than watch it suffer and effect every other animal around it - put it out of
      its misery.

      Only a madman would wish to choose ill health and haemorragic fever in
      prefference to vitality strength and a strong health production of life

      Britain freed from the fetters of the tragically and I believe terminally
      ill EUro has seen the economy grow, the value of the Pound hold relatively
      stable and a massive increase in inward investment, the life blood of any
      country. Britain has had such a surplus of life blood that we have invested
      more in foreign countries than every EUro country put together, we have
      experienced more inward investment than the whole of EUroland.

      Only a madman would suggest we scrap our Pound, subjugate our economy to a
      foreign power, cut off the reasons for inward investment and join the
      collapsing EUro.

      It is time for EUthenasia to be performed on the EUro, not on the peoples
      and country of Britain.

      We must foreswear surrender of our economy to foreign rule, defend our
      Pound, repatriate our democracy and leave the EU.

      We must kick start our manufacturing economy, revitalise our fisheries,
      restore our farming, re-fund our health service, revamp our education and
      reinvigorate our peoples.


      'BoycottPumps @ BP'

      and make fuel ONE POUND A GALLON by removing the tax on fuel which will have
      a massive trickle down benefit on every facet of British life, every
      individual, every local council, every industry, every service -

      This saving can be made by not levying tax on petrol which would cost the
      Government around 20 Billion Pounds in income per annum a saving which can
      be made IMMEDIATELY by leaving the EUropean Union. We currently pay over
      1,800,000 Pounds per hour for membership of the EU and to date no single
      politician has accepted my challenge [see www.silentmajority/eurorealist ]
      and been able to show a single benefit to Britain or our peoples for this
      iniquitous theft of tax payers money.

      Good luck & if I can help you in your efforts in defence of the British
      peoples and our Nation or the rights and freedoms of any peoples, against
      the EU, NAFTA, WTO, IMF, OWG, NWO or the Regionalisation Policy, designed
      to break up YOUR Country on a divide and rule basis etc. please just ask.

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