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Re: [WorldCitizen] zipcodes

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  • Andres Espino
    No one is saying mail cannot be delivered without a zip code, but it does speed automatic handling of mail and requires fewer people tasks.  If they have to
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      No one is saying mail cannot be delivered without a zip code, but it does speed automatic handling of mail and requires fewer people tasks.  If they have to manually sort all the mail it will only be reflected in fewer services and higher postal rates.. something which is already happening in the USA even as we speak.


      From: Louis ... <louis.ny2001@...>
      To: WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 9:31 AM
      Subject: Re: [WorldCitizen] zipcodes


      1.3 Address Elements

      [10-3-11] All mail not bearing a simplified address must bear a delivery address that contains at least the following elements in this order from the top line:
      b. Private mailbox designator (“PMB” or alternative “#”) and number if the mailpiece is addressed to a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) address.
      c. Street and number. (Include the apartment number, or use the Post Office box number, or general delivery, or rural route or highway contract route designation and box number, as applicable.)
      d. City and state (or state abbreviation). The city is any acceptable mailing name for the 5-digit ZIP Code serving the intended recipient as shown in the USPS City State Product.
      1. ZIP Codes are required on Express Mail, commercial First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, Periodicals, Standard Mail, Package Services and Parcel Select mailpieces, all mail sent to military addresses within the United States and to APO and FPO addresses, official mail, Business Reply Mail, and merchandise return service mail.
      2. Unless required above, ZIP Codes may be omitted from single-piece price First-Class Mail (including Priority Mail), single-piece price Parcel Post, and pieces bearing a simplified address.

      The above is an excerpt from THEIR OWN RULEBOOKS.
      Now notice #2 ( I highlighted it in blue )
      "ZIP Codes may be omitted from single-piece price First-Class Mail..." etc...

      And the very first line at the top of this post is the link to the rules of the USPS.

      THIS is how I speak and post.
      Every time I post something, I back up my statements with law, case-law, statutes, codes, and other such evidence.
      I'm NOT here to give opinions on anything.

      --- On Sun, 10/23/11, ro-esp <ro-esp@...> wrote:

      From: ro-esp <ro-esp@...>
      Subject: Re: [WorldCitizen] zipcodes
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      Date: Sunday, October 23, 2011, 11:04 PM

      louis.ny2001@... sendis:

      > Call up the USPS and ask them one question:
      > "If I don't place a ZIP CODE on a letter, will the letter get to its
      > destination?". 
      > That's all.  Just ask that.  Don't talk about other stuff.

      Louis, this is the worldcitizen-list. Please get your USA-head around
      the concept "rest of the world"....
      I don't deal with USPS. Here in the netherlands, postal codes are used
      to not let mail go to the wrong village. There's 4 digits that
      indicate the village (15.000 inhabitants) and two blockletters to
      indicate the part of the street. Digits and blockletters CAN be read
      by machines. Postal delivery people have their load presorted street
      by street, by a machine. I know because a friend of mine delivers mail.
      In the former soviet union, those machines were less sophisticated,
      but they used envelopes with pre-indicated digits:you just had to make
      the right indicated lines thicker to create numbers that evn a simple
      machine can read.

      In the netherlands, most mail will be delivered even without postcode,
      but if you send it to
      places like beek, elst, rossum, beuningen without the postal code, it
      will be sent to 9999, where postal personell may open it (!!) to
      determine where it should go.

      I germany the postal code is just 5 digits.

      Now you can put people in your killfile, or accuse them of being
      stupid or peons, but that does NOT constitute backing up your claim
      that the zipcode is evil.

      groetjes, Ronaldo

      http://www.esperanto.net http://www.moneyasdebt.net

    • Edward Mangan
      Unfortunately for the Natick Police Department and one Sgt.. Graham, my conscious got the better of me and! surrendered me to exposing here, for the benefit of
      Message 171 of 171 , Jul 25, 2014
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        Unfortunately for the Natick Police Department and one Sgt.. Graham, my conscious got the
        better of me and!
        surrendered me to exposing here, for the benefit of the general public a story of a day in my life
        where I found myself humiliated beyond description.! !
        The story goes. After an invigorating workout at Planet Fitness on Rt 135 in Natick I tooled my
        Toyota Camry down Speen Street North toward route 9. Driving at a granny pace of 35 miles
        and hour (Americans hate to drive the speed limit and usually get upset when driving behind
        me, but that's another story) as I usually do I noticed a Natick Public School Bus approaching
        from the opposite direction on Speen Street starting to slow down with the yellow lights flashing.
        On the opposite side of the Speen Street parked facing out of Crescent Street was a Natick
        Police Vehicle and an officer standing nearby seemingly conversing at a distance with a
        gentleman I later guessed was a local homeowner. Since I was already nearly passing the
        school bus I didn't think twice about it and proceeded down Speen Street at a lazy 35 miles an
        hour. I thought I might cruise over to the Apple Store at Natick Mall in the meantime jonesing for
        some music from WZBC on my car radio. ! !
        After travelling, as I later estimated for .6 miles at 35 MPH= 40 sec, I heard the siren of a, as I
        would soon find out, a Natick Police Vehicle. As I moved aside to let the police vehicle pass I
        was shocked to see that it was I the officer was pulling over. ! !
        As the officer approached my vehicle I felt the fear of authority like I had not since 1986 when I
        was last stopped for a moving violation! What could be the problem? ! !
        Our Dialogue:! !
        Officer Graham: Did you see the school bus?! !
        Me: No ! !
        Officer Graham: "What are you doing blocking (Purington Ave.) can't you see that traffic is trying
        to get out ? Oh and you are driving without a seatbelt today too!" (my fault I almost always put
        my seatbelt on. Guilty! I was at that point shall we say the officer did a good job of making me
        nervous.)! !
        Officer Graham: Didn't you see me parked there? The neighbors were complaining about cars
        not stopping for the School Bus, That's what i was doing there". Licence and Registration
        please! Are you a CDL driver?! !
        Me: "Yes, In 2010 I drove a school bus for the town of Framingham." ! !
        As Officer Graham returned to his vehicle, I could not imagine that i would be accused of
        violating the passing a school bus law. I was perplexed since being a School Bus Driver I knew
        exactly what the law was and how the lights and door operated together. See the way we are
        taught in School Bus driver school is to flip on the yellow flashing lights as we approach (usually
        a safe distance of about 100-200 feet I'm estimating. Then after the school bus stops the door is
        opened and the red lights automatically start flashing and the Stop Sign is is activated by a
        cable attached to the opening door. !
        ! I'm sitting in my vehicle saying to myself, I
        know all this. Officer Graham could not possibly think
        I would cough up $250.00 fine for the school bus violation (who knows what my insurance surge
        charges would be....eeeeekkk)! $25.00 for the seat belt violation, no problem I'm guilty. Guess
        what?! !
        Officer Graham: "Here's (your ticket) the instructions are on the back." ! !
        I felt like I was chopped up and spit out. "What happened" I said?! !
        Let's look at some facts before I move on to the end of my story.! !
        1. Why did it take Officer Graham nearly 40 seconds and .6 miles before he stopped my car? ! !
        Do you own experiment. I lot can happen in 40 seconds. Try walking .6 miles at an average
        walking pace of 6 MPH would take about 25 minutes. That's a long way relatively speaking if
        you think about it.! !
        2. Officer Graham suggested to me "that might have noticed that he was parked there. And by
        the way the local homeowners were complaining that cars were not obeying the school bus stop
        law, and that's why he was parked there observing the traffic."! !
        3 How likely is citizen without a moving violation in 28 years and processing a CDL School Bus
        Licence, driving as little as 10,000 miles a year ( I lived abroad for the last 5 years.) to violate
        the School Bus Passing Law?! !!
        What was I to do? I wasn't about to hand over up to $1500.00. including 3-5 years auto
        insurance surcharges. I owed it to myself to appeal the violation as any reasonable person
        would choose to do!! !
        I first noted the location of where the officers vehicle was parked (Cresent Street). Then the
        location where I was stopped Punrider Street and the distances and time travelled at 35 MPH.! !
        Next I checked the School Bus passing law from Massachusetts Gen Laws Section 90. And as I
        suspected the law says a vehicle approaching a school from the opposite direction must stop at
        when the yellow AND red lights are flashing. Which made sense to me since I was aware of how
        the mechanics of the lights and doors on a school bus operate and that the red lights start to
        flash when the bus is stopped and the door is open!!
        I'm still perplexed that Officer Graham could think that I that stupid?! !
        To make a long my court appearance was just as perplexing. After hearing all the evidence from
        both sides!
        the clerk magistrate concluded that there was enough finding that found me responsible for both
        counts (the seat belt violation also) but was "going to give me a break" for the School Bus
        Violation and eliminate the $250.00. Great, but just one thing your honor, does that mean I'm
        guilty or innocent of the charge?! !
        Grouchingly his honor said, (as the attending officer being more happy to agree with his honor.)
        "that means I'm giving you a break!" And suggested that that he could (if I had anymore
        questions just as easily find me responsible, pay the $250.00 or file an appeal within 20 days.
        Case closed!! !!!
        What was I to do? See how high this shenanigans of injustice could go? It was suggested by an
        Attorney friend of mine that it could cost me substantial amounts of money to argue concepts
        like " ticket quotas and police officers or moving violation fines as a means of Police Department
        and City Revenue but success at that approach would make a long demoralizing story even
        longer. ! !
        I know when I've been duped. This time by Officer Graham and Clerk Magistrate Brian Kearney.
        Please keep me safe from the dishonest people in my local public safety and county judicial
        systems. Thank you God. ! !
        Edward Mangan Holliston, MA.! !!!!!!!!!On Jul 22, 2014, at 10:39 AM, 'tuppennyblue' tim@... [WorldCitizen] <WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

        I think this makes the point. 
        This man DID have ownership of his car (registration notwithstanding!) but by FMOTLing he doesn’t have a car any more, just a court case...  
        If he keeps going he will end up in a prison cell telling the warders that they have no right to keep him here. 
          Original Message 
        From: Bradley Hughes hughesb1976@... [WorldCitizen]
        Sent: Friday, 11 July 2014 05:07
        Subject: Re: [WorldCitizen] Re: Taxes-SSN

        Also check out embassy of heaven

        On Jul 8, 2014 1:56 AM, "thillos@... [WorldCitizen]" <WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


        I read a handful of posts back, but have not read the entirety of this thread.

        I thought I'd make a show of myself... I've been drastically shifting my status from a corporate fiction to one of a sovereign. 

        Currently I've managed to have my employer stop withholding Federal Income Tax, albeit I'm in the process of so many other legal "battles" I'm a bit unorganized, as to which and how I should proceed and thus have not resolved the matter fully in having my employer stop acting as withholding agent or be held liable if they fail to present to me lawful authority which allows them to do so..

        My last climatic experience was with the San Diego Police Department when my automobile was towed without full disclosure of the terms offered. I have at least 8 citations on file, some dropped, most with failed to appear. The operating procedure of the the establishments around San Diego and pretty concurrent everywhere is such that the individual accountable for contracting is unwilling to present identification, ie, first and last name, which befuddles me because I thought under international law, one is required to identify and show one's flag, ie. charter?
        Anyway, I elected to be presented in front of alleged judge when the other female officer decided to narrow my predicament to two choices, sign the ticket which upon request had not been filed, or be presented in front of a judge. Upon the latter, I exited my automobile and offered to come willingly, leaving my car parked in a private parking spot. Yet as a result, I ended up being handcuffed and my car towed.. Fucking criminal pigs. (Sometimes there's a part of me that has no compassion for blatant ignorance and abuse of power...)
        Long story short, I was released when I opted to sign "Without Prejudice" above me signature. One officer countered it has to be legible and was debating whether or not it would be accepted. Everytime I include Without Prejudice or All Rights Reserved, I am threatened to be coerced...

        In essence, I'm somewhat overloaded... Emotionally at times for sure. I'd be appreciative and grateful for any information in regards to filing UCC-1, administrative remedy, or pursuing criminal suit against the City or County of San Diego. 

        I'd rather not take this out on the tools or sheep but the establishment and cripple it, or make it a point that its days are numbered.. 

        Peace be.

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