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RE: [WorldCitizen] Re: Militia State (and Non-violent Revolution)

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  • Gary Shepherd
    Hi I agree that anyone who wants to truly understand anything about the movement should start by reading Reeves book. I don t personally agree with everything
    Message 1 of 49 , Jun 28, 2011


      I agree that anyone who wants to truly understand anything about the movement should start by reading Reeves’ book. I don’t personally agree with everything Reeves says, but familiarity with it really does represent “World Government 101”.


      World Peace and Unity,



      Gary K. Shepherd

      Editor, United World Magazine



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      Subject: [WorldCitizen] Re: Militia State (and Non-violent Revolution)



      Shawn For1 wrote:

      > I agree with you in the case of forming some unions of
      >countries before the world government but am not sure it
      >solves the problems.

      > It seemed to me we can not stop war and unit the
      >governments before we find a hostile power out of the earth!
      > If till thenĂ‚ any thingĂ‚ is remained of earth then there
      >will be a union against common enemy. How is it then?

      I cannot too often or too emphatically urge the book "the Anatomy of Peace" 1946, by Emery Reeves.

      Regional unions can't do more than act between themselves unless they can use force or reason to convince other nations to make changes.
      Likewise the U.N., or the previous League of Nations.
      These are confederacies, where the assembly cannot make laws as such. Only recommendations.
      The "Big 5" (the U.S., U.K., Russia, China, and France) are the main veto powers, and can ignore or invalidate anything the assembly says. Until all nations are part of the assembly, and the assembly can make laws that all must follow, we don't have a federation of nations.
      This is the nature of confederations: Set up by the main powers, but with ways for these powers to ignore anything they choose.

      What is needed, as always, is a federation of nations. Real federal laws, and no nation is above the laws, no nation has large-scale force-projection military forces, and every nation is assured that the international community will aid any nation against unjust use of force by any other.
      No other change is needed, than the people and their national representatives wanting to enter into such a legal binding regime of international law.
      World government is not the ultimate end goal, which we must take ages and major changes to try to bring about. It is the first thing we must do to end war and other illegal uses of force or influence in the international arena by large, well-connected and funded agencies.

      In a separate posting, I'll submit a part of Reeves' book for consideration.

    • Daniel Branch
      Quote:That s a good idea!But it s not necessary for different ethnic,racial and cultural groups to represent the World Government. I believe that different
      Message 49 of 49 , Oct 7, 2011
        Quote:That's a good idea!But it's not necessary for different
        ethnic,racial and cultural groups to represent the World Government.

        I believe that different ethnic,racial and cultural groups should
        have a say in determining humankind's destiny either through public
        opinion,universal suffrage or serving in public office.

        Quote:(H)ow could such an Earth Citizens Movement convince large
        numbers of people to engage in massive border crossings,knowing that
        they would be arrested?

        For decades,people have risked being arrested(or worse)for
        social/political causes.Civil rights workers have endured being
        arrested,attacked by police dogs,sprayed with fire hoses and beaten
        with nigthsticks in their protests against racial segregation in the
        Southern United States,during the mid-fifties and the early
        sixties.There were those who have sacrificed their lives for the Civil
        Rights movement.Activists such as Medger Evers,James Earl
        Chaney,Michael Schwerner and Martin Luther King.If the cause is worth
        it,people will place their fortunes,their reputations and even their
        lives at risk,to see that the objectives of that cause are
        realized.And,I believe that peace through global unification is such a

        Quote:What methods of promotion could be used to turn out"a
        million"Earth Citizens in major cities,and how would they be

        Through the usual methods of communication such as word of
        mouth,newspaper and television advertisements and digital
        networking,which I've mentioned earlier.But,the problem is that a
        great deal of the mass media is owned by corporations.The ECM can
        publish its own newsletters and magazines.The Earth Citizens Movement
        can put out a glossy newsstand magazine to reach the general
        public.The ECM can also broadcast its own TV programs on public access
        networks.Even though,I have no experience in organizing protest
        marches,I would suggest that everyone study the Occupy Wall Street
        movement,which have started in New York City's financial district,and
        later spread through cities such as Washington D.C.,Los
        Francisco,Philidelphia and Denver.A small group of dedicated people
        can grow into a vast,grassroots popular movement.

        Quote:On top of the strategies mentioned before,I would like to add
        the importance of gaining support in the religious world.

        I regret,that this one group that I've accidently left
        out.My bad.Many religious believers have worked as volunteers in
        various humanitarian NGOs to help people in need.Religious
        denominations such as the Unitarian-Universalists and the Baha'i Faith
        have supported the concept of global unification.Non-believers such as
        Secular Humanists,Agnostics and Atheists should be allowed to
        participate in ECM activities.After all,both religious and
        non-religious people share the same planetary habitat.Another group
        I've accidently left out is women.Female ECM activists should serve
        equally in every capacity,even in leadership roles.They should do more
        than just type letters,and serve coffee and cake.

        I would like to add a couple of more strategies the ECM can
        try.The ECM can get involved in local politics,by supporting
        candidates for community councils and local school boards,while
        working its way up to national elections.ECM student chapters can
        petition their schools to include courses for global government
        studies.Unifying the human race will not happen overnight.It will
        probably take years,decades or perhaps another century.The ECM will
        have to keep chipping away at the foundation of the nation-state
        system,until it collapse and replaced by a democratic United Earth
        government.The people of Earth must release themselves from their
        nation-state straitjackets,and adopt a planetary identity that
        encompasses all of humanity and the entire planet.

        On 8/19/11, world123citizen456 <roy.hendriks1@...> wrote:
        > Hey Gary!
        > What could be done to create such an ECM is to work on establishing it
        > within an existing organization like the World Federalist Movement. In the
        > publications in the World Federalist Debate it clearly comes forward that
        > the WFM is striving for world federalism on various fronts at the same time.
        > They support further integration of the EU (which could become a great
        > example for the rest of the world -- if they decide to continue to integrate
        > in this extremely crucial moment in time) as well as other regional Unions,
        > they strive for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly from the highest
        > level to the lowest levels, they are widely represented in governments in
        > Europe and to a lesser extend in the world, and they acknowledge that civil
        > society is where the battle is won or lost. Therefore, if the WSA would
        > choose to join the WFM, it could propose some serious initiatives to create
        > such an ECM. And, since many members of the WFM are already engaged in
        > either politics or civil society movements, such an ECM would already have a
        > large foundation to build upon.
        > Furthermore, what such a movement would need is a face, or several faces.
        > Once established and running, it should have a clearcut strategy, but most
        > importantly, someone is needed who can truly appeal to the common sense of
        > humanity. A new Martin Luther King or Gandhi will not arise overnight, but
        > never say never.
        > On top of the strategies mentioned before, I would like to add the
        > importance of gaining support in the religious world. Most world religions
        > stand for a harmonic humanity (although mostly not expressed in such a way)
        > and 90% of the world's population could be reached through religion.
        > Therefore a crucial point of the agenda of an ECM should be to get religious
        > leaders involved.
        > I would be very happy to work for an ECM! But at the moment, there is just
        > not enough coordination between the different movements striving for the
        > same thing and not nearly enough coordination for civil society. It is time
        > to get united on this one -- not just us, but all the other movements out
        > there as well.
        > Best to all,
        > Roy Hendriks
        > The Voice of World Citizens
        > www.worldcitizenvoice.blog.com
        > --- In WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com, "Gary Shepherd" <gshepher@...> wrote:
        >> Hi
        >> Yes, such an ECM is exactly what is needed. Yet other people have
        >> proposed this idea before, and it went nowhere. Do you have a suggestion
        >> about what was missing, and what we could do differently?
        >> World Peace and Unity,
        >> Gary
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        >> Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2011 2:33 PM
        >> To: WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com
        >> Subject: Re: [WorldCitizen] Re: Militia State (and Non-violent
        >> Revolution)
        >> Quote:What's needed,as far-fetched as it seems,is that the people of
        >> various nations would exert their influence,do much of it
        >> themselves(ourselves)and force our governments to go along.
        >> Quote:If the governments will not go along with the people,then the
        >> people need to form new governments that will.
        >> "I think that people want peace so much,that one of these days
        >> government had better get out of their way and let them have it."
        >> -Dwight D.Eisenhower
        >> The people of Earth will have to push their governments
        >> towards global unification.The nation-state system have outlived its
        >> usefulness.We need new democratic global structures that will solve
        >> our transnational/planetary problems.But,how do we get there from
        >> here?One suggestion would be is to create a grassroots Earth Citizens
        >> Movement,which will be an umbrella coalition of various world
        >> federalist,mundialist and world citizen organizations.The Earth
        >> Citizens Movement will act as a catalyst for peaceful global change.It
        >> will educate,organize and mobilize the general population towards the
        >> establishment of a democratic United Earth.It will form alliances with
        >> pacifists,environmentalists,human rights activists,anti-poverty
        >> advocates and other global-minded groups and individuals.The Earth
        >> Citizens Movement will use civil dissent and civil disobediance to
        >> expose the failures of the nation-state system,and champion the cause
        >> for a United Earth.It will circulate petitions and organize peaceful
        >> protests.It will make extensive use of the mass media such as
        >> print,audio,motion picture,television and the Internet to get its
        >> message across.The Earth Citizens Movement will get involved in
        >> electoral politics.It will support political parties and candidates
        >> who are sympathetic to their cause,or choose candidates from the ECM
        >> rank and file to run for public office.The Earth Citizens Movement
        >> must recruit young people to its cause,due to the fact that young
        >> people are easily impressionable and are acceptable to new ideas.These
        >> young volunteers will serve as ECM's frontline troops.They will
        >> organize student chapters in various high schools and colleges,collect
        >> signatures on petitions,distribute ECM literature,stage peaceful
        >> demonstrations,conduct fund raising campaigns and serve in any
        >> capacity that will help the Earth Citizens Movement realize its
        >> goals.These young activists will be the future generation of Earth
        >> citizens,who will be responsible for engineering a new planetary
        >> civilization.
        >> P.S.-Even though I'm for peaceful global change,I've realized that
        >> there are autocratic regimes that are not succeptable to the peaceful
        >> methods that I've just described.Should violent revolutionary action
        >> be uesd to overthrow such regimes.Should the Earth Citizens Movement
        >> support such actions?What's everyone's opinion on this subject?
        >> On 7/8/11, Gary Shepherd <gshepher@...
        >> <mailto:gshepher%40lib.siu.edu> > wrote:
        >> > Hi
        >> >
        >> > I don't think there's anything far-fetched about the people directly
        >> > assuming control of their own destiny. If the governments will not go
        >> > along with the people, then the people need to form new governments
        >> that
        >> > will. No government can survive, no matter how repressive it measures,
        >> > no matter how powerful it may be, no matter what instruments of
        >> violence
        >> > it has available, if it loses its legitimacy in the eyes of its
        >> people.
        >> > Every single government that exists in the world today was created by
        >> > human beings, and human beings have the power to unmake those
        >> > governments as well.
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> > Yet ultimately, we are talking about much more than merely a
        >> government.
        >> > Just as there is more to a city than a city hall, there is much more
        >> to
        >> > the united world commonwealth than simply a democratic world
        >> government.
        >> > It is the creation of that commonwealth of humanity, the Republic of
        >> > Earth, in which all human beings are free and equal citizens, that is
        >> > our real overriding goal. Until we have attained true Unification,
        >> then
        >> > the idea the idea of "all men (as in human beings) are created equal"
        >> > will never be fully realized.
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> > World Peace and Unity,
        >> > Gary
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
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        >> > Subject: [WorldCitizen] Re: Militia State (and Non-violent Revolution)
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >>... I do not think it is possible to super-impose a
        >> >>federal structure on the sovereign nation-states as
        >> >>they exist today.
        >> >> Either you would have to create a federal government
        >> >>with enormous powers to allow it to overrule the
        >> >>actions of the national governments; or you would have
        >> >>to so alter the national governments that they would
        >> >>no longer be recognizable as national governments.
        >> >
        >> > More a combination of the two, it might seem.
        >> > The nations would have to vote to ratify it, at which point the powers
        >> > granted to the federal government would enter into force.
        >> > The governements of the nations won't do this: they've been stalling
        >> it
        >> > off since before the first world war, and there's no reason to suppose
        >> > they would seek to draft a world constitution that would strip them of
        >> > the powers they've enjoyed, unrestrained by world law.
        >> > What's needed, as far-fetched as it seems, is that the people of the
        >> > various nations would exert their influence, do much of it themselves
        >> > (ourselves) and force our governments to go along.
        >> > As Frederick Douglas said, "Power concedes nothing without a demand.
        >> It
        >> > never has and it never will"
        >> >
        >> > There's much argument that for instance, the US constitution wasn't
        >> > initiated at the behest of the people, but was written by the elites,
        >> > with themselves in control. We see how soon after they took control
        >> they
        >> > abused it: 3 years after the constitution entered force, a federalized
        >> > militia army put down a revolt against an illegal and unfair taxation
        >> > scheme.
        >> >
        >> > Every reason to suspect that any future such thing would also be done
        >> to
        >> > benefit the powers.
        >> > One thing we can be sure of, if we don't control the influence of
        >> > special interests and monetary policy makers (non-elected,
        >> > non-governmental, but with powers over nations and the civiliation, a
        >> > cabal of, by, and for the big financial interests)
        >> >
        >> > If we can gain control, we can win. If we don't, we're screwed into
        >> > another few centuries of being led around like sheep with rings in our
        >> > noses, from war to recession, etc (I don't accept these things as
        >> > accidental. They're too lucrative. call it my pet nasty conspiracy
        >> > theory).
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
        >> >
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        > "I have believed that the only way peace can be achieved is through world
        > government" (Jawaharal Nehru)
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