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  • marlborosounds
    Hello peoples, I keep hearing people talk about UN this and utopia that. All I can say is why are people even trying to keep this party alive. No one uses the
    Message 1 of 84 , Feb 28, 2008
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      Hello peoples,

      I keep hearing people talk about UN this and utopia that. All I can
      say is why are people even trying to keep this party alive. No one
      uses the WSA. Or at least no one posts where they go and use the WSA.
      Andrew said in a previous post to get as many stamps in it. But now
      most countries will hold you for interview and checking to see if
      your wanted in your home country. Of course if you try to lie, they
      just do the old fingerprint fax thing and with a hour, they know who
      you are.
      WSA needs missions in every country. With people volunteering in the
      said countries to help any person who is traveling and using WSA. WE
      speak of things we want to happen but the management isnt doing it.
      And for whatever reasons that unknown to us.
      We all have purchased but no one say's where you can use it. Most
      like me have a regular passport and really dont need the WSA, The
      only good thing is about it if it were accepted it would stop
      terrorists from singling you out because you have a UK or Canadian or
      Yank's passport. But the facts are no one accepts it and i've been
      told its a no no to have 2 passports on your person even if it is the
      same name by gov officals, So if they are telling the truth or lying
      it really doesnt matter to the poor fool who's in the chair looking
      into a bright light explaining who he is after he was stripped
      searched and had the alien butt probe.
      So when da management wishes to start the missions and find people
      and hey dont say you cant, thats a big lie, im sure many would say
      i'll do it.
      So if we are all serious about the WSA then if we are the people we
      are in deed the gov. So da management get off your arse and make
      things happen. Or people stop bitchen about how life is going since
      im the only fool who's talking.

      --- In WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com, "Whade" <whade_tufts@...> wrote:
      > I keep having this recurring thought about this World Citizen thing.
      > They seem bent on the UN being held high in the future, though in
      > every other way I have been happy to discover it. I think that the
      > is a liberal big-gov't institution run by the banks & all their NWO
      > nationalizations going on these days, and as well, the WCWG
      > "constitution" is vague, (what I could find.) Maybe this is good as
      > there is a chance to influence the adoption of the best Constitution
      > known to man. Neo-Tech's Universal Constitution is the only one I
      > support. Meantime, I have been a Dr. Ron Paul-tard, & look forward
      > the developments yet to occur through him over spring & summer.
      > ... Just a few thoughts to add to the thread.
      > www.whowouldtheworldelect.com
      > Peace Unlimited, WT.
      > --- In WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com, "tzindaro" <tzindaro@> wrote:
      > >
      > > --- In WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com, Clarence Edwards
      > > <dababysdaddy@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Please, allow the american Libertarian Party to address your
      > > questions about their government philosophy directly. Go to
      > > www.lp.org we believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT and to paraphrase
      > > Thomas Jefferson, Government is best when it governs least.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > >
      > > The only way to limit government is to bring up children to not
      > > tolerate limits. If children are brought up to respect authority,
      > > they will allow governments to trample their rights as adults. To
      > > prevent repressive governmentrs, teach children that nobody has
      > > right to dictate to them how they should live. Teach them to
      > > to obey parents, teachers, army sergents, doctors, clergy, gods,
      > > gang leaders, draft boards, sports coaches, welfare officials,
      > > popes, or anyone else who tries to control them.
      > >
      > > Parents who cannot tolerate a small child talking back to them,
      > > who tell children there is a god up in the sky who must be
      > > are setting the stage for future dictatorships.
      > >
      > > Check out this essay:
      > >
      > > http://summerhill. paed.com/ summ/fuckert1. htm
      > >
    • jodemas2
      ... fact ... countries? ... other ... a ... turned ... them ... that way. ... not a ... that ... problem. ... Oh, I m glad you agree that it has nothing to do
      Message 84 of 84 , Mar 18, 2008
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        --- In WorldCitizen@yahoogroups.com, Taran Rampersad <cnd@...> wrote:
        > jodemas2 wrote:
        > > What the heck difference does which passport I have make to the
        > > that they must pay for my ticket? Does the ticket somehow become
        > > more expensive because I used a WSA passport? I think not. Does
        > > anyone have any information on the incidence of travelers only
        > > holding a single, WSA passport being denied entry into
        > > How often does that happen? Especially a traveler whose all
        > > papers are in order, and who can show financial solvency to enter
        > > country, how often is such a traveler denied entry? because i'd
        > > really like to ditch my national passport and only use the WSA.
        > >
        > Let's pause for a moment.
        > Let's say you run an airline. Let's say whenever someone gets
        > back, you have to find a spot for them on a plane you own to send
        > back - at your cost. Lets say that you don't want to lose money
        that way.
        > You might decide not to take that risk.
        > Whether that is right or not is an ethical dilemma. The airline is
        not a
        > part of a government. It is answerable to governments of nations
        > permit it to travel between places.
        > Do I agree with the situation? I'm not sure I do. But understanding
        > *their* problem might help a little in understanding the broader

        Oh, I'm glad you agree that it has nothing to do with which I
        passport I have.

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