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  • mihajlo@angelfire.com
    Hi I think this isn t the first time that I am posting to this list. Still, I haven t introduced myself properly. I am a social activist from Yugoslavia,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 1999
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      I think this isn't the first time that I am posting to this list. Still, I haven't introduced myself properly. I am a social activist from Yugoslavia, currently in Budapest and awaiting a cultural visa for Fortress Europe. I received that welcome message this morning and couldn't help answering a part of it.

      >It is past time that we as human beings >recognize THE global society based on
      >just world law and human rights. The World >Government of World Citizens is a vehicle
      >to legitimize such an actual world.

      Legitimise before whom? What world law? Is it the U$ law of greater force? You know, that one that says U$ can sell bilions$$ weapons to Suharto, so he can successfuly kill 3 million people in under a year. Face it, law is something that the rich bullies have made to force everybody else into doing something they normally wouldn't. No human rights lobby has changed that ever. Why should it happen now? Besides, if you give people all the information they need, you will find that they are incredibly capable of ruling themselves. No big world-ruling-ordering-evreyone government needed there.

      >the World Government of World Citizens is the
      >global representation of registered world >citizens.

      So, You don't give someone a citizenship and has has no right of vote, no ability to influence the decisions of that government, even though that person is forced to live whith it's decisions. I could presume that you don't know that hundreds of milions of people are currently living whithout citizenship of the country they are in. Could be a milliard/billion by now. Still, I'll presume that you don't care. If you wanted a self-sustainable society that functions, you would have said that every human (not citizen, HU-MAN) has the right to influence the government's decisions. Isn't it a government that pretends to rule all mankind?

      > The World Government is a people-
      >based endeavor in the process of building a >minimally centralized, sovereign, and
      >democratic global government

      Sovereign? To what? Who could endanger a sovereinty of a gov. that rules everyone? Is there another world I don't know about?

      >with appropriate organs to secure peace through >world law

      What organs? Who will make the law? Elected/appointed by whom?

      >and to protect fundamental human rights, the >rights of ethnic and social minorities, as
      >well as ecological rights as defined by the >growing body of declarations and covenants
      >from the United Nations and other global and >regional forums.

      You cannot protect something that has not been established. Human rights are currently being abused by every government in the world. It has been so for as long as there are records. This World Government(R) (or is it Inc.) of yours obviously plans to continue the practise, as it has forgotten to ask "the world" (HUMANS might be more appropriate) if it/they want/s a government.

      >of sovereign human rights.

      What are "soverign human rights"? Are there any human rights that are not sovereign?

      >The purpose of this recently-created electronic >forum is to maintain
      >contact with many of the hundreds of thousands >of registered world citizens

      Then why does it have 26 subscribers in total? It exists for at least a month now. The world citizens must have had enough time to subscribe to it.

      >evolving world peace through world law via a >democratic, sovereign government of world >citizens.

      Evolving peace? Tell me, how does a peace evolve?
      You would have looked much less of a hypocrite if you had written creating world peace. Over a half of the countries in the world are presently involved in some sort of internal or external war.
      Again, what law? Again, what sovereignty?

      Actually, I like that passport stunt. Can I get one? Could help me a lot.

      Mihajlo Acimovic, in transit
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