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Books on world citizenship

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    The following Book List on world citizenship, law and government issues is available at www.worldgovernmenthouse.com Please check it out. My Country is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2004
      The following Book List on world citizenship, law and government
      issues is available at www.worldgovernmenthouse.com

      Please check it out.

      My Country is the World
      World Government, Ready or Not!
      Passport to Freedom, A Guide for World Citizens
      Dear World, A Global Odyssey
      A World Citizen in the Holy Land
      In Time With The Music
      Letters To The World Citizen Book

      My Country is the World
      Garry Davis, Editor, Wm Honan
      ISBN 0-931545-01-3
      On May 25, 1948, Garry Davis, a former Broadway actor & B-17
      bomber pilot in WW II, walked into the United States Embassy in
      Paris & renounced his United States citizenship. Since that spring
      day, Davis has claimed to be a World Citizen. Thus began a physical
      and spiritual odyssey which has many times led Davis back & forth
      across the globe & which has not yet ended. The story of that
      odyssey of the man behind it & of the ideals of world citizenship &
      world peace which inspired it is told in this highly dramatic,
      entertaining & timely book.
      He has faced the temptation of great power, as embodied in
      the 20,000 Parisians who cheered his speech in the Velodrome
      d'Hiver, in the bagful of mail which came to his little strip of no-
      man's-land between France & Germany, & in the over 1,000,000 people
      who registered as world citizens, with the support of
      internationally prominent intellectuals Camus, Einstein, Schweitzer
      & many others.
      Throughout, endowed with a sense of humor, inspired by both
      human rights & the wisdom of India's sages & guided by the ideals
      which originally led him to action, he has maintained his
      equilibrium to become an inspirational icon to peacemakers
      throughout our "global village."

      World Government, Ready or Not!
      Garry Davis
      ISBN 0-931545-00-5
      WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is the first how-to-do-it
      and how-it-is-being done book on the making of world peace through
      government of, by, and for the citizens of the world recounted in
      masterful detail by a veteran of over 50 years experience in
      the "field."
      WWII bomber pilot Garry Davis, in 1948 took Emery Reves
      (Anatomy of Peace) at his word first that "...the ideal of the
      nation-state is bankrupt.." and second that "There is no first step
      to world government. World Government is the first step." The
      eclectic Renaissance Man, stateless World Citizen Davis "lives" the
      future today treating philosophy, law, economics, travel, space,
      history and more with equal ease and insight. Moreover, as a world
      activist, he has seen the inside of over 30 national prisons. E.
      B.White wrote that "Davis marches to the beat of the Universe while
      we all march to a broken drum." "The birth pangs of the new world
      order are already upon us," Davis writes in the Prologue, "and as
      necessity knows no law but its own, we are too busy attending to
      that long-heralded and momentous birth to still the shrill cries of
      WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is a book for the 21st
      century and beyond.

      Albert Einstein

      Passport to Freedom, A Guide for World Citizens
      Garry Davis (with Greg Guma)
      ISBN 0-9706483-3-2
      Passport to Freedom draws on Davis's four decades of
      experience, offering timely & practical insights & advice for anyone
      who agrees that the nation-state system itself is one of the
      greatest threats to humanity today. Davis argues persuasively that
      individual sovereignty is the key to challenging the arbitrary war
      power of nations, & proposes a revolutionary strategy for the growth
      of a democratic World Government of World Citizens for world peace.
      Passport to Freedom reveals dramatically & often with humor
      how World Citizenship can be a powerful moral and political tool
      that reveals the living reality of One World. But it is more; it is
      a source book of theory & practice that can reempower the individual
      as well as humanity.
      Through numerous examples, both from his own action & that
      of others, Davis demonstrates that World Citizenship based on human
      rights is not merely a noble theory. It works. Thousands of people
      have used the World Passport described in this book to enter & leave
      more & more countries & successfully challenge national bureaucrats
      around the world. For many refugees, World Citizenship often means
      the difference between freedom & death.
      As an inspiring story & practical guide to all seeking a
      positive solution to war, this ground-breaking book in our troubled
      times will provide readers with their own "passport to freedom."

      Dear World, A Global Odyssey
      Garry Davis
      ISBN 0-97064833-1-6
      Dear World, A Global Odyssey is a rollicking, extraordinary
      global panorama of one man's continuing personal crusade to "live"
      One World & One Humanity. Besides being a devastating critique of
      nationalism, it is a practical guide for anyone interested in world
      peace through law, the freedom to travel, & human rights.
      The main locale is Japan where World Citizen Davis landed
      while on a world tour as a 1988 candidate for US president; informed
      the Emperor of his arrival; issued World Passports to Sakharov, the
      mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, & Tokyo; & to thousands of Southeast
      Asians working "illegally" in Japan. Finally deported by the
      Japanese Government back to the United States, he was admitted on
      his own World Passport!
      Beginning with the founding of the UN & ending with his
      world tour after the Berlin Wall breakdown, Davis covers individual
      sovereignty, how to claim to be a world citizen, mundialization
      (communities declaring themselves global units), the World
      SyntegrityƆ Project, the exciting new grassroots process designed
      evolve a democratic world constitution, & the continuing, historical
      evolution of the World Government of World Citizens he founded in
      1953 following the sensational events of 1948-50, recounted in his
      first two books, My Country Is the World & Passport to Freedom.

      A World Citizen in the Holy Land
      Garry Davis
      ISBN 0-9706483-4-0
      Garry Davis' goal in 1976 were the holy sites in what is now
      called "Israel"-churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, shrines-
      which he considered "God's territory" on planet earth and could only
      be protected by World Law and not warring nation-states.
      To that end he flew to the "Holy Land" first identified only
      by his World Passport and was refused entry at Ben Gurion airport by
      Israeli immigration on the pretext that he issued the passport "to
      Israel's enemies." Returning months later with a stateless travel
      document issued by the French government, he was admitted without
      With WSA agent Toma Schick he proceeded to the place
      equidistant to the Wailing Wall, the Mosque of the Dome and the
      Church of the Holy Sepulcher, displayed the World Flag and declared
      the sites "world territory under the protection of the World
      Government of World Citizens."
      Davis met the mayors of Palestinian towns, Ramallah, Halhul,
      Gaza City, and Bethleham proposing "mondialization" to them. In
      Haifa, he visited the Baha'i Tabernacle of Unity lunching with a
      member of the Universal House of Justice.
      His attempt to depart from Israel to Jordan via the Allenby
      Bridge resulted in being stuck in the middle of the bridge-on the
      line between the two countries- his passport rejected by both
      countries. Facing Both Jordanian and Israeli soldiers,he declared
      the line "world territory" and inviolate by both countries.
      Dedicated to his brother, Meyer Davis, Jr., who died in
      WWII, the 42-page booklet reveals the real meaning of the ancient
      land of the prophets, that the world is one and humanity's home,
      ironically taught in ancient religious texts, Jewish, Christian and

      In Time With The Music
      Hilda Emery Davis
      ISBN 0-9706483-7-5
      Hilda Emery Davis' biography of her husband, Meyer Davis'
      extraordinary life as "the millionaire maestro." Opening in Bar
      Harbor, Maine, accomplished pianist from her early teens, Hilda met
      her future husband during the high society summer party season.
      Mother of five, her "Horatio Alger" story of her husband's rise to
      prominence is an incredible kaleidoscope of personal history in a
      hectic heyday of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter tunes, colorful
      parties including White House and debutante Balls and British
      royalty soirees all sprinkled with intimate anecdotes about her
      children's varied careers, including World Citizen Garry. Prefaced
      by him with an Afterword by daughter/singer/actor Ginia, In Time
      With The Music reveals an exciting period of Americana we can look
      back on with nostalgia.

      Letters To The World Book
      Garry Davis
      An amazing, eclectic kaleidoscope of World Citizen Garry
      Davis's thinking starting in 1956 with his explanation of the 3-year-
      old "United World Government" at Guru Nataraja's Gurukula in
      Bangalore, South India to his letter to the Iraqi citizens regaining
      sovereignty in 2004.
      The new science of "geo-dialectics," "Space, the Final
      Frontier," the "Jagat Gurus": Christ, Iman Mahdi, Mohammad, Buddha,
      Socrates, Hypatia, cybernetics, vegetarianism, "world parliament,"
      water as "God on earth," world law, the "new world order, national
      leaders as "war criminals," Koresh and Waco, Texas, the 27,000 world
      citizen student body of City Montessori School, India, design-
      science vs. political science, world peace and personal health,
      Emery Reves' "Anatomy of Peace," Israel's PM Rabin's assassination,
      Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome's and world peace, the Government
      of Oceanus, "Star Trek," are a few of the myriad subjects treated in
      this exciting and original collection.
      A complement to his other books, "Letters" were originally
      published in World Citizen News and addressed to registered World
      Citizens throughout the world community.
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