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On Death Row For Refugees

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  • Osam Altaee
    On Death Row For Refugees Dear friends since many of you spoke about the procedure of the UNHCR, I’ll try to explain these procedures or what I call ((Death
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2002
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      On Death Row For Refugees

      Dear friends since many of you spoke about the procedure of the UNHCR, I�ll try to explain these procedures or what I call ((Death Row For Refugee)) its start with the first day when the asylum-seeker submits the application for refugee statue. Until then, he/she needs to wait maybe 10 -20 months for the results ((With me it took 6 years)) And when the seeker, becomes a refugee, they will tell him �bring 4 photos for refugee card, ("AND NOTICE THIS") give us a phone number, so we can call you to meet with the third resettlement committee, and you need to come every 6 months to renew your refugee card� Like this, the procedure is finish.

       So what do you think the life of one refugee will be?

       Please try to imagine this; First they don�t mention �that this card doesn�t give any legal protection with the police of Lebanon so you need to be very careful� many refugees thought that they are safe with this card, so unknowingly they go through a dangerous part of town to find employment not knowing the area they past through was bad. For example in the south you can get arrested. This is a false impression and a lie that the UNHCR gives. This is happened to me 6 years ago. Now the refugee has his worthy card and the people of UNHCR has his phone. Notice he doesn't have any protection, shelter or even the right to work legally, but there is one thing he's waiting for patiently, and disparately, and for the refugee it's like a lottery ticket; this is the phone call from the UNHCR. And do you know how much we need to wait for this call??? Read;;;;;;;;  "FROM 1 YEAR, TO UNLIMITED YEARS"; yes unlimited time, maybe all of your life, I know some refugees spending 12 years or maybe longer for this call, and I think there are more that are waiting.

       Can any one of you agree to join this system, do you agree to spend all of these wasted years without protection with no help afraid of the police like any thief or criminal you need to find a job of some sort, to support yourself or your family and you�re not sure that you�ll be paid.

      If all the Humans who had lived on the Earth from Adam & Eve, until this moment, including all the prophets, if all the Angels, if all the Devils, are agree to join this system, I AM NOT, I don�t agree to join this Death Row For Refugees Not only for these reasons, but there is another thing more important, and also more harmful for the refugees in Lebanon, so please understand this;;;;;

      The people of UNHCR in Lebanon use this system as a WEAPON against the refugees. When I started to be active vocally for the refugees� problem, I start to speak with the people out side the office of UNHCR, I notice a strange reaction from the refugees (((They were afraid to speak with me in front of the people of UNHCR))) and when I asked why? They answered  �maybe they will conceder us as a trouble maker�, and any one that would speak with me will loose his chance with the phone from Refugee-Haven. (The UNHCR) I know you�ll not believe this, but this happened with many asylum-seekers and refugees, because they joined a demonstration against the UNHCR.

       Now if they conceder me as a trouble maker because I am an activist for the Human rights and for Justice and Peace, since I am against the tyrants of the world, like Saddam, since I am against the killers, like Osama Bin Ladin, and I'm against any Injustice system like the one in the UNHCR in Lebanon, and for this nobody is ready to be with me, I declare I�ll fight my war alone to bring Justice for my people in Iraq, for the refugees in Lebanon and every where in the world, and where there are people needing Justice. No problem for me to fight this alone, because I have myself.

      Now my friends who lived in security and prosperity, I know how annoying is it, when you stop at the red light in the traffic? Now this situation you'll talk about �OH, crap; I�ll miss my favorite program on TV� So what happens next when you stop at the next red light on the street intersection for a minute of your life?

      ((I hope you have a long life)) Please remember; just remember that there are some people waiting longer. ((People called refugees)) are waiting for a phone call from the UNHCR in hopes that they may have that one chance to pass throw door of Haven, to become what you call HUMANS, and notice they have been waiting for YEARS and YEARS.

      I didn�t speak ((They were Animals because the animals have more rights, than the refugee, we don�t have the rights to ask any questions about our destiny)) I need to tear apart my chest to show how much pain I have in it.

      One time I put a bomb on my body, and I think I need to do this again, but the problem is, I don�t have one at the moment, so if anybody has one please send it to me, the address Is; UNHCR, Beirut, Lebanon, the living bomber. Thanks for everybody...Try to look for a bomb for me.

      I read in a few messages that I offended Layla, and caused her some risk to her life, because I mentioned her name on my web site, and now she's living in a hostile environment.What logic is this? They care about one woman and her safety, from a simple web site, because she's Canadian (Human), but nobody cares about thousands of asylum-seekers and refugees living in the same hostile environment, and they have to face more dangerous situations without protection or any kind of help, and among these asylum-seekers are families with very young children and disabled people.

      We are thousands of voiceless people, we don't have the right to ask or speak,so where are the Human rights? I would love to see, just to see.

      My dear friends, I am a dreamer, I dream to have small house, TV and job for 8 hours a day, like this I�ll have 8 hours free I use these hour to read books, watching TV and to work on the net. And I have 8 hours to sleep, every day.

      I dream to have security, no more fare of arrest and deportation.

      I dream about the world where the are no wars and the JUSTICE, PEACE, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY are every where. And there are no killers like Saddam, Osama Bin Ladin and UNHCR. All those are faces to one coin. If there are no wars no tyrants no despotism, so logically there is no UNHCR, This will happen automatically.

      In this point let me to be a selfish person ((I think every Human has the right to be selfish at lest one time in his life unless he is one angel)) I want to defeat the injustice system of the UNHCR, yes I�m selfish because I want to make UNHCR diaper from existence, so I�ll work to bring Justice and peace for every body in the world.

      Because this many people on the net spook many things against me like: I am selfish because I look for personal gain. Another one told me that I am craowd because I don�t love to kill people. Some one I asked me do I take Hashish. Or what do you think you are? Godzilla or King Kong?

      Do you know why I have this? Because I am one Moslem, Arabic and Iraqi in more working for peace and I don�t love to kill people, this is a shock for some people, they unable to imagine that there are some one Muslim, Arabic ready to sacrifice one part of his body to avoid killing people, one man on the net told me that the photo of my leg in my site are make up, this one doesn�t believe his own eyes.

      But if one European or American or Christian did what I did and speak what I spook, this one is one angel.So what do you think will not stop me of doing what my heart want, never I give up my mission for:


      The Truth Warrior



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