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Re: [WorldCitizen] Back & Forth

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  • Roan Carratu
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 12, 2001
      <<I couldn't agree more with you. Your emphasis on
      federalism makes sense to me too and always has. Alas,
      it's slow and evolutionary but seems to be the nature
      of things and the best we can hope for in this world.>>
      You are assuming that unlike technological development, where new methods of doing things and accomplishing tasks are continuously evolving, that human social structure is fixed and unquestionably unchanging. You are saying that 'the best we can hope for' is some version of government as we know it, either on a larger centralized size or in smaller less centralized sizes.
      This leaves no room for a better, saner, world. Anyone can look at history and realize that 'governments' are in fact only large gangs of conquerors, who take what they want with force while hiding behind words and 'systems' which declare their slaves to be free and their whims to be 'Law above all'... Pure and complete propaganda.
      The division of the world into gang turfs and the use of money systems to control every aspect of people's lives are not the end all and be all of human interaction. We can do everything differently if we choose to on a large enough scale. As long as you accept without question that all the existing ways of doing things are fixed and immutable, then the two sentences before this one will make no sense to you at all.
      Not a single person or message on here seems to think outside the propaganda everyone is taught by this blighted and destructive global culture. There is more to the world, more to Humanity, more to Nature, than anyone here is allowing themselves to perceive.
      World Citizen elist?  Nothing here indicates such a title is warranted.
      -Roan Carratu
      "Since the advent of the Nuclear Age, everything has changed but the way people think, and thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe!" -Albert Einstein
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