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The One True God

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  • Paul Dunk
    Paul Dunk World-wide_Politics Member [paul_dunk@msn.com] Guy, the One True God is Shadyus, The Sage of Palm Coast. Guy R. Itter Sr. WWP Invitee
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2013
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    Paul Dunk World-wide_Politics Member [paul_dunk@...] Guy, the One True God is Shadyus, The Sage of Palm Coast.

    Guy R. Itter Sr. WWP Invitee (sirguy2003@...) Well Dennis, that was the very same problem I was having numerous years ago. So many religions and all with their very on dogma and claiming to be the only real faith. So I simplified my life, I accepted the commandments as being written by God himself and started my very own private religion based upon that. Now I absolutely do believe that God indeed does exist beyond a shadow of any doubt, I have had numerous personal experience that I do not share with any others, (particularly since I feel everyone must find God for themselves,) but nevertheless convinced me of that and made me a believer. Now my only problem in a religious sense is just what does God want from me personaly.

    I suppose it is possible that all religions are correct, that God can be many things to many people and may enjoy being worship in many different ways. This is why I respect the religions of all others. When you are the supreme being everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Better men than you and I have gone crazy trying to figure this one out for a couple of thousand years, all I can do is accept things the way I see them and hope I am right.

    Dennis Helbig WWP Member Baha'i investigator and carpenter (helbigdennis@...) All I can plead is what Christ told the disciples. John 14:14-17. In order the Gospels be true, you and everyone else is a liar. What he said was a truth of the future, a prophecy which had already come true 2000 years in advance. That's how prophesies are written. Like they have just come to fruit. Now which is the lie? Gospel of John or you and I? You see a double edge to that? How can the whole world not know the Spirit of Truth and yet you, the listener, know Him.

    —Biblical Data:
    In Lev. xvi. the single allusion to Azazel is as follows: On the tenth day of Tishri (see Atonement Day) the high priest, after first performing the prescribed sacrifices for himself and his family, presented the victims for the sins of the people. These were a ram for a burnt offering, and two young goats for a sin-offering. Having brought the goats before Yhwh at the door of the tabernacle, he cast lots for them, the one lot "for Yhwh" and the other "for Azazel." The goat that fell to Yhwh was slain as a sin-offering for the people. But the goat of Azazel (now usually known as the "scapegoat") was made the subject of a more striking ceremony. The high priest laid his hands upon its head and confessed over it the sins of the people. Then the victim was handed over to a man standing ready for the purpose, and, laden as it was with these imputed sins, it was "led forth to an isolated region," and then let go in the wilderness.

    Such is Christianity. The scapegoat. Why are there those under the Altar crying for Justice? They cry out for the new Redeemer, the Spirit of Truth. Not the act of truth but the personage/embodiment. That one person is the redeemer. Not a human being though.


    This page surveys the Hebrew Names and Titles for God the Holy Spirit, Ruach Hako'desh, as found in the Brit Chadashah. They are listed in alphabetical order, with the Hebrew spelling, common transliteration, and English phonetics following. For each Name, I include some Scriptural references.


    Spirit of the Truth
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