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PI2012 #709 - Two Things We Know

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  • Len Ritchey
    Len Ritchey WWP Email Member and AskaHorse (askahorse@letsgofirst) PI2012 #709 - Two Things We Know ASK A HORSE Good government is no substitute for
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      Len Ritchey WWP Email Member and AskaHorse (askahorse@letsgofirst) PI2012 #709 - Two Things We Know


      "Good government is no substitute for self-government."

      ~ Mahatma Gandhi


      December 7th, 2012

      Liberty Lovers,

      http://www.usdebtclock.org: Every American Taxpayer Now "Owes" "The
      (federal) State" $142,389, every citizen $51,929.

      "For the cultist, psychiatrists, the media, Government agencies have become
      Satan incarnate. Like the fundamental Christians, they have to be right."

      ~ William S. Burroughs

      "We, the American People" can only ever know two things about our public
      officials. What they say, what they do. What they say gets them our votes.
      What they do gets us consequences of our votes. We should depend on

      "It's time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by
      the Founding Fathers."

      ~ Ronald Reagan

      Public Officials Who Ran businesses like those who perpetuate deficit
      spending in office would be summarily dropped from most businesses for cause
      - mismanagement, incompetence, irresponsibility, fraud. Yet, we penalize
      them by wrist-slapping threat of losing elections.

      "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to
      gain ground."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson

      America's Public Officials Aren't in office to fleece taxpayer pocketbooks
      like farmers milk cows. Cows don't know better; American taxpayers and
      voters should. "We, the American People" are more than capable of forcing
      responsibility from public officials.

      "The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to ensure the
      unhindered development of the individual."

      ~ Albert Einstein

      Two Measures Would Halt financial-economic mismanagement by public
      officials. Relinquish centralized power by redistributing it to local
      government. Impose no legislation, taxation, or regulations not approved by
      voters... by substantial majority tally.

      "An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger."

      ~ Confucius

      People Intending To Live In Liberty do not allow legislators - or other
      public officials within These United States of America, to Interfere in
      health matters between private citizens and their physicians. They hold
      'government' ("The State") at its Constitutional arm's length.

      Let Freedom Ring

      See http://citizencontrolledtaxation.com

      -- It's your property, not "State," property.

      Best Wishes,

      Len Ritchey

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