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  • sheepandgoatlady
    Aug 18 9:38 PM
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      Ah,, what guy robs a store? if you are referring to michael brown, the man is dead and it was never estiblished brown was the person,,
      Well why don't you ask the north Miami beach police what they are doing?
      Do you remember this incident? and where was your outraged about these incidents? why did not hit the national news media? hate crimes like this target all people of color and religions,


      and this as well??

      and these incidents?
      In January 2009, Memphis store clerk Mohammed Al Hadi was murdered by an unknown assailant who calmly took aim and then fired, as if "he has some vendetta." On the same day, at another grocery story nearby, another clerk of Middle Eastern descent was also murdered.

      "It's terrible and I hate it because I knew the young man and he was nice," said one community resident. But a community activist warned that the store owners will need "to have a lot of security because this is not the end. This is only the beginning.

      " Those that forgotten history, are condemned to repeat it"
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      In North Miami Beach in a TOURIST area, a sixty year old Rabbi gets shot and
      murdered by 2 thugs, and NOTHING is done about it - yet in the neighborhood
      which is Jewish, Swatiskas and hate messages were put on cars, buildings, etc.
      Why isn't this a National story like that one in Ferguson?

      A guy who robs a store and gets killed is National and riots and National Guard
      is called in.

      Yet a Rabbi who was murdered by 2 thugs gets killed and NOTHING is
      done about it?

      So a thief has a Reverand "Al" defending him yet a Rabbi who helped
      people all his
      life is a nothing story? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY?

      Thieves are protected and the good isn't?

      Shame on America, and shame on the President of the United States
      that doesn't demand
      justice for the Rabbi and is only focused on a thief.

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