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Obama Gives Himself Permission To Kill Shady

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  • Dennis
    Dennis Helbig WWP Member Baha i investigator and carpenter (helbigdennis@gmail.com) You can tell it s all xxxxxxx when someone s name is mentioned in the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2013
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      Dennis Helbig WWP Member Baha'i investigator and carpenter (helbigdennis@...) You can tell it's all xxxxxxx when someone's name is mentioned in the subject line derogatorily.

      Kurt Pi WWP Member [kurt31416@...] I take Shady's comment to be a funny joke. What I have a problem with is the title. I can't follow all these threads, but if Shady's comment was in reply to that, I'd say it was pretty restrained.

      Dag doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor, if he came up with that title about me, I wouldn't tell a joke.

      Shady Lady WWP Member (ShadysLife@) Shut the hell up or the last thing you will ever hear is the Drone I send after your worthless xxx.. I'm in the process of building one in my Garage.
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