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Re: DAILY SHOOTING: Price Middle School Atlanta

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    Ed Campbell WWP Email Member (shes@seanet.com) A Modest Proposal We have formed a couple of new non-profit organizations to promoted programs for ending gun
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      Ed Campbell WWP Email Member (shes@...) A Modest Proposal

      We have formed a couple of new non-profit organizations to promoted programs for ending gun violence in the United States: Responsible Gun Owners of America (RGOA) and Responsible Gun Owners of Washington (RGOWa). We look to expanding the state non-profit to every jurisdiction across North America to promote local involvement in solutions from responsible gun owners.

      We have no desire to take on the second amendment arguments. We have no quarrel with a person's right to keep and bear arms, so long as each does it responsibly. Guns are inherently dangerous objects when coupled with ammunition. Under the common law, inherently dangerous objects typically bore the strict liability for the harm they might cause. We believe gun owners should bear strict liability for the unlawful, negligent and even unintended uses of their firearms. We support programs that will enforce this civic responsibility.

      One such program would be to impose a federal tax or penalty under both the commerce and taxing powers of Congress to et out and enforce the personal liability of all gun owners for up to one million dollars for each injury and property damage resulting from the unlawful, unintended and negligent uses of their firearms. Of course, responsible gun owners will purchase insurance to protect them from this potential liability, and that certificate of insurance should cover the specific gun involved. This would protect them from the immediate attachment of that full tax and penalty, a tax and penalty that could not be discharged in bankruptcy. The tax and penalty imposed could be reduced by the subsequent proof of the actual damages involved. Given the close to 400 million guns in the United States, even at a premium of only $25.00 per gun per year this would yield an annual premium base of over seven billion dollars per year. It would probably be more as the guns and their ammunition clips would be risk assessed for annual premiums.

      The provisions for insurance, similar to car liability insurance, will facilitate keeping tract of the weapons. Each will have to be identifiable for coverage to extend to it. Since coverage will cease when the gun is stolen or lost, provisions must be made for identifying that gun in any report of the loss or theft. A central registry will need to be provided, by the insurance industry or the State or Federal government, where the loss can be reported. Until the loss or theft is reported, the registered owner would still be liable for the million dollar penalties per injury.

      The Insurance Industry could mitigate its exposure by termination of coverage after a reasonable period from discovery of the loss even if unreported, and by insuring only named individuals under their policies. Unauthorized use vitiates the insurance and reinstates the penalties. This would encourage each gun owner to practice sound security measures. The Insurance Industry could also be encouraged to conduct background checks on initial insureds to determine if they qualify, or perhaps qualify for reduced rates because they have taken good gun safety instruction. Assigned risk pools might also be established.

      Because insurance would be available for premiums determined on risk adjusted bases, there would be less need to prohibit all "assault" type of weapons or super sized magazines. A barrel magazine for 100 bullets might raise the annual premium form say $50.00 for an assault weapon to $5,000 or more as the insurance would also cover the magazine and its capacity. All of these socially protective incentives could be provided with a minimum of any governmental regulation. Past behavior would also come into play in whether a person could even find an insurance carrier to furnish insurance.

      To help insure this, the gun manufacturers and gun dealers would continue to be held responsible for gun ownership of their merchandise until a proper transfer is recorded with a record of a certificate of full insurance coverage or a self insurance bond sufficient to show financial responsibility to at least respond to one injury, or until the gun's loss or theft has been properly reported and was covered under by the manufacturer or dealer with full insurance until that time. Reasonable registration fees could be charged to cover costs.

      Other measures as to what guns should be available to which persons could be largely left to the states to determine probably based upon their population densities and risk exposures and local politics. The latter would be continually updated by qualified insurance company reports of their losses.

      Any support, or do we just throw reasonable solutions into the trash, especially if they are not hatched on Wall Street, Madison Avenue or K Street or the lofty realms of media tycoons or eastern universitites of rich think tanks as the only repositories of the brains in the United States?

      Bruce Majors WWP Email Member and libertarian activist (majors.bruce@...) Wow public schools are xxxxxx. Rounding up disarmed kids, not protecting them, not expelling or treating nuts among them, and then not teaching them on top of it all

      Blame the Spamster aka Tricky Ricky WWP Member (rblaine@... ) What's important is that America not lose "liberty" and "freedom" over crminaliser their "2nd amendment right" to bear as many xxxxxxxx arms as people want. What's 3 more people when you consider the issue of guns? Just more collateral damage, right? This makes America look like barbarians in the eyes of the world - the *"greatest country on earth"* wouldn't allow all this collateral damage jus! t to accommodate a bunch of gun cultists.
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