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  • Tom Demeter
    Tom Demeter WWP Member (gods1stwitness@gmail.com) Dear Friend, The government is advertising gloom and doom, problems which can t be solved. We are told that
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2012
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      Tom Demeter WWP Member (gods1stwitness@...) Dear Friend,

      The government is advertising gloom and doom, problems
      which can't be solved. We are told that we need to get
      together, and solve our problems. We must coordinate
      to work together notifying all Americans, of the problems.

      Our talking heads are not realizing that they prepare us
      to unite under ONE MAN, a leader, the Anti-christ to
      arise to streamline the ways to the solution.

      Our wise man say that the great pyramid, on which human
      society is based on, the "Economy, Energy, and Environment"
      is just about to collapse any day. They say that the whole
      of man kinds future is in danger! We are prepared for the
      arrival of the Anti-christ, the great human leader, the
      Bible calls the Beast.

      Recently I had to renew my diplomatic papers, to be a true
      Christian. I ran into difficulties. This is why after
      reading the news, that I was moved to pray, and draw close
      to God. This is when I received a truly very disturbing
      revelation 2Pet.1:21.

      This prophecy will affect every human, and specially the
      Christians. First my friends will be affected. I will not
      send this "revelation" by e-mail, and I will not post it on
      the net. I will send the content of this urgent "revelation"
      to you, only in a postal letter.

      Please send me your full name, and postal address to do it.

      In the mean time Please read this letter I sent to the
      Secretary of State of California, to prepare you.

      We have been in a "deep sleep," and now we must awake to
      our reality, and prepared, for our life depends on it.

      Please respond to this letter.

      In the reality of our Father's eternal love,
      Tom Demeter
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