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The Makeup of a Christ.

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  • Raymond Karczewski
    The Makeup of a Christ. Oregon Shout writes: Raymond Karczewski writes: os: No Duality in Judaism as you know...As a Kabbalist there is None else besides
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2012
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      The Makeup of a Christ.

      Oregon Shout writes:

      Raymond Karczewski writes:

      os: > No Duality in Judaism as you know...As
      a Kabbalist there is None else besides
      Him~~However WE really have no options but to
      serve- for the Creator is within each and
      everyone all the same'. There really is no
      free-will to those higher up the ladder of
      degrees and intimacy with the Creator.

      rk: James, if it is learned via an organized
      system of thought, it is DUALISTIC. Sorry James,
      I don't know a thing about cabbalism. I have
      never been exposed to its teachings.

      rk: Nor do I adhere to any religious organized
      thought. I had spent eight years of early life of
      Catholic elementary School Conditioning and some
      time reading of Vedanta, but that's about it. I
      do not strictly abide by either today.

      rk: My understanding comes from Insight gained
      throughout my tested experiences of life.

      It left me with the ABSOLUTE realization that
      Direct Perception of Truth, the Christ state of
      Consciousness is God (Divine Intelligence)
      holistic (non-dualistic essence of
      Intelligence/energy ) made manifest. I also
      observed that fragmented, dualistic,
      Intellecltual thought is the greatest enemy of
      Truth. It is that fragmented partial, divisive
      thought which accounts for the Hell on Earth,
      that is the byproduct of Dualistic systems of a Satanically ruled world.

      rk: There is nothing fictitious about my former signature line:
      "No other man but I in the recorded History of
      mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly
      revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
      enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

      rk: That is perhaps the most important statement
      which has evern been made concerning
      Consciousness since the beginning of time, yet it
      is dismissed as being KOOKY by civilized men and
      women who are ruled as slaves through their
      Satanic politically, religious conditionable Intellects.

      rk: I do not attack people for their conditioned
      beliefs, I merely Mirror them, point them
      out. Their attack upon the messenger based on
      their violent reactions is their own teacher,
      their own Savior. They just are not PAYING
      ATTENTION in their preference toward clinging to dualistic fantasies.

      rk: Such a simple man or woman of Truth are thus
      OUTCASTS in a Satanically ruled World via
      programmable Intellects, for they Challenge the Deceptions men live by.

      rk: This state of Christ Consciousness can be
      attained effortlessly if, from this moment
      forward, one NEVER TELLS ANOTHER LIE. If they
      live Truth, they are Truth. They are One with God, Truth itself.

      rk: You see the possibility/impossibility rests
      in the cessation of living and perceiving life
      via the dualistic lie, and thus becomes at one
      with the Non-dualistic realm of non-dualistic
      Truth which is blocked from being seen, by
      programmable, computer like intellects.

      rk: Jesus said, in essence the same thing but he
      couched it in parables so that the ignorant could
      understand Him when He said He was the "Truth,
      Life, and the Way". One can see, the ignorant
      did not understand then nor do they understand it
      now. Such a descent into Intellect has been
      called "Man's Fall from Grace," an excusable concept for man's ignorance.

      rk: I strip away the parables, and tell it
      straight, and it is regarded as KOOKY. Those who
      partially understand what I say do not vocalize
      such understanding for fear of excommunication or
      attack from others, who operate automatically
      from their Satanically ruled Mind Set. Such are
      the traps of Satanic Ruled Thought.

      rk: A Christ is one who lives, speaks and acts
      Truth. He/She is Holistic. Their sacrifice for
      Truth in a Satanically ruled world is great for
      their God is Truth. In time, They must walk away
      from everyone and everything that supports the
      lie that are believed to be Truth. That accounts
      for Friends, Family, etc. ALL CHRISTS ARE
      LONERS. Beware of the slick talking Organized
      story tellers. The world is rife with them

      rk: To sum it up James, That is why there are so
      few Christs, and so many Satanic Conditioned
      minions in this world. The world we live in tells the story, doesn't it?

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