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Americans and Gun Control: SCHNOOKERED AGAIN!!

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  • Raymond Karczewski
    Americans and Gun Control: SCHNOOKERED AGAIN!! Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ I see we are being treated to another government campaign of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2012
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      Americans and Gun Control: SCHNOOKERED AGAIN!!

      Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

      I see we are being treated to another government
      campaign of mind control concerning Political
      designs toward gun confiscation. Has anyone
      noticed the Mainstream media is focusing narrowly
      upon the assailant as the lone gunman and pulling
      on the emotional heartstrings of the public at the same time?

      Has anyone also noticed that the medias
      investigative focus is decidedly focused away
      from the assailants psychological contacts and
      affiliations with Government and University, two
      repeatedly proven sources of psychological manipulation and conditioning?

      Anyone ever heard of MK ULTRA?

      Anyone ever heard of Military process which
      transform our 18 year old kids straight out of
      school and into killers and call it basic training?

      Anyone notice the electronic games which focus
      upon dehumanizing our kids as it trains reflexes
      toward killing, maiming, and destruction?

      Why is the American public so gullible, so easily
      manipulated through such emotional triggers which
      follow these planned tragedies?

      The first impressions are the most
      powerful. Look at every assassination that has
      come down the pike in recent history and reported
      to you by your mainstream media. Do you not see
      the established pattern of mass conditioning
      designed toward disarming and enslaving a
      gullible public into a controllable populace by
      armed enforcers of the Corporation?

      The simple fact is you are all being schnookered
      into a BASSACKWARD mind set by your own
      government and media, and by the looks of it, few of you are even aware of it.

      An armed public would have stopped these "fish in
      the barrel" episodes which result in mass loss of
      life. That's a fact. Not an assumption. Yet
      you are being programmed to GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.

      Do not give up your guns. Use them in
      self-defense and in the defense of others, the
      weak, the elderly, your loved ones. Cops can't
      protect you. Cops can't protect them. Cops are
      the report takers AFTER THE FACT. This comes to
      you from a retired Police Sergeant. Lockdown
      procedures by schools only insure a higher death
      count, while the cops wait outside, under orders not to enter.

      Each of you have a God Given Unalienable Right to
      Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of
      Happiness. That includes your right to Self
      Defense. No government or nation can take that right away from you.

      Stop relying upon institutions with a proven
      track record of inability to protect you. KEEP

      How far would the gunman have gotten if the
      people in the audience were ARMED???

      To all you good cops out there. Time for you to
      take a stand and EXPOSE stand down orders which
      prevent you from living up to your Oath of Office to serve and protect.


      Watch my You-Tube Videos at: http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#List

      Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

      Change The Quality of Your Life Today
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