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Re: Contacting lateral thinkers!

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  • Jack Peach WWP Member
    You can read this and become involved if you so choose. Curious that the extortion scheme extorts money, and more, and more money. While most folks think that
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      You can read this and become involved if you so choose.

      Curious that the extortion scheme extorts money, and more, and more money. While most folks think that they are alone and that nothing can be done to stop the criminal banksters and their political puppets.

      Here in Canada Inc. We have the GST/HST. Notwithstanding a myraid of others bullshit taxes..............Whereby, these revenue scammers have turnned us all into thier private tax collector's.

      Quite brillant when you get right down to it!

      Just food for thought...................Can you imagine if a entire community said just piss off?........Not just a few so called, taxed protesters, who get wazzooed in the JUST-US system.

      Dreaming on west of the great divide.

      ps. Everywhere you look things are getting worse and worse...................Give them an inch and they take a bloody f**kin mile.

      ...................Perhaps you should just press delete?

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      From: Mark n Karen
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      Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 4:05 PM
      Subject: Contacting lateral thinkers!

      Hi to the shortlist of international thinkers on this list.
      I have CC'd the following email exchange between Mary & I because it answers some questions you may have after
      1. viewing the attached invitation
      2. listening to Pierre's utube webinar link - within the PASSWORD attachment
      I've known Pierre since 2004. We both have been in the free man (for want of better description) movement for many years. I since 1999. pierre has spent an intense 3 years studying the BOE Act 2008 NZ. Ours, yours is same- similar. It is where the remedy lied all along. For 7 years we've had hit and miss successes using it to discharge liabilities.
      Pierre's process 'closes' any offer/resentment instantly ON YOUR TERMS.
      My skype is mark.pytellek Happy to chat there AFTER once you've examined Pierre's free webinar presentation
      We are forming a national group of proactive people. International would be even better. Pierre, as far as I'm concerned, is the world leader in this industry. BOLD statement. YES!. Both of us know all the names in the industry around the world & all are fabulous contributors to remedies for those who want to exercise inherent rights.
      I've been to NZ 3 times in 3 years watching Pierre's process unfold. It was developed with assistance of (at 1st) an uninterested law firm, that got more excited as Pierre developed, refined and then revealed the process to them. The firm WANTS TO be involved in processing counter claims. It's all STATUTE! They can SEE IT!
      NO more mixing FREEMAN common law red neck arguments with statute. Cannot mix jurisdictions. NO MORE arguments. Let's preserve our energies while getting results on the board!
      I CAN TELL YOU AFTER 3.5 YEARS & 31 COURT MENTIONS over traffic issues & 84 days deprived of my liberty, to get an instant closure on the 1st of 3 separate matters (the other 2 to come up shortly) is PEACE! You think the legal/judicial system is delinquent - oppressive in your country????
      Come over to Australia. This is the HQ for the WO! They want everyone here as slaves
      This process is working HERE!
      Enough from me
      Happy reading
      Mark P

      Hi Mark,

      I thank you for the kind words. The feeling is mutual. I'd love to come down again!
      cool love to see you here we have loads of room in the most pleasant surroundings you'll find in this country high up overlooking the Gold Coast amongst birds that fly all around us fresh rain water & air its the best energy we have a sunrrom - doubling as a bedroom where guests can wake up to sunshine and a view that goes for 60+ km into the mountains
      I talked with Pierre last week and he is very convincing. I wish I could get him here but, as I explained to a friend, "If we had not been doing this for so long, with so many disappointments, and you told me that CRA wants $70,000 from you, and I told you that for $5,000, Pierre could tell you how to end it, you would jump on it, right?" She said, "Yes, but we've been told that for so long and nothing has worked, at this point, I'd have to see proof and guarantees." So, I added, "Yes, we are now so jaded and hopeless that we no longer trust anyone." the problem with A4V process is, it was never 'closed' therefore the maker-issuer could play games and continue making offers-claims Pete's process has closed it It's 'peace' also there are many other things one can do with the process.....

      Not only that but also I don't know anyone with that kind of money which is what I told Pierre and he told me that he is not appealing to "us", rather, he is selling to people who have extortive amounts of bills (I think he was referring to property taxes, yet, I see that OZ rates are no worse than here in the provinces and NZ has NONE!) So, to what he is referring, I don't know. What are the major bills which the people there are able to avoid with his boe process? am sure it won't take much to extract from you who the biggest extortionalists are. Who make the biggest & most outrageous claims against people in every country? haha those rapatious claims can now be settled and closed what are the 2 biggest cost of living items for 99% of the people?
      Yeah, that's what can be closed!
      The only solution I can think of is this and even this isn't very appealing. Let me know if this is reasonable. I would pay him for his coaching, he would send me an audio of his workshop and, by snail mail, he would send me the charts and hard copies of documents. Then, once I not only grasped the concept but also made it work for me, I could do some workshops at a more reasonable cost, on the condition that after costs and small percentage of compensation for me, I would send him the rest of what I collected, since he is the brains behind this. But, trying to organize, make this worth it for anyone, I just don't know. I wonder what might be a fair offer for him to do this. Maybe he would do this for me, for $1,000. What do you think? I cannot answer for him, Mary. He is looking for calibre of people. You would fit the bill
      I went to NZ in january to one that was nearly double the cost. Pete is not now out of pocket for it! cannot say more. You make him the offer
      He was very forthcoming and charitable when we chatted, yet, I do see where he would love to come up here, in the summer, and do a few workshops, but I must say, I have no idea who could afford it. I know of no one who could fork out $5K, not to mention the cost of his coming up here. I'd have to get someone else to organize this, since this is NOT my strong suit, and who would do that? When Pete mentioned 10k I felt same. Don't know too many financial people. Only loads that are broke an busted. Funny enough, many of them came along when they realised their massive dents could b e discharged. Some added the 5k to their existing debts (wasn't going to make any diff to their already sever indebtidness) to discover they could discharge most if not all obligations.
      All I know is (my favorite saying) many was never my issue, coz I ain't got any of it. Show me a way around money & I'll do it. Eg a lady told me the Inv International workshop was $9K (in 1999). I said I ain't got it, but I wanted to go. he said, there's a program that if you sell 3 tickets, you get yours free! I sold 3 in 1st month. In 2000 I was no.1 retailer in world that yr.
      Show me a solution or show me an alternative & I'll make it happen. Money is never the real issue... Sadly the world operates on it, but there are alternatives

      I truly do believe that he is onto something big but, at this point in the game, for ALL of us, it is very hard to believe anyone who claims to have the answer. E.g.: I went to Dean's most recent lecture and paid him $75 which I thought was reasonable for one day of what he called, "game-ending information", and I walked away telling my friend, "the only think I learned was that we have to charge THEM, if they want us to perform. So, I guess the Fee Schedule works." But, over the following 2 weeks, I heard from 4 sources that the Calgary gang missed out on all kinds of information that other groups seemed to get, namely, that we have to set up a corpus trust. HUH?! That is something I will NOT be doing and why did he not explain this to US?! Oh, he mentioned trusts but where does that get us? Setting up a trust is a huge project. I tried once and gave up. We also use 'cost schedules' - v effective. Trusts are not expensive to set up. Basic CL Trusts. We do em. However, we are going to set up an Express Trust through a group in US - we found through the Trust handbook from Carl Weis
      Thaten is $6k US. I want the technology because we can then play international games. This is an exciting yearMary. It's a pity yr over there. you'd have some fun here because you're a lateral thinker too & we need competency as a team. That's what we're setting up here. Our associate is ex CB Bank of 19 years. She's a gem. Have a friend, ex lawyer but a Notary. He may join our team. We're forming a strong syndicate-alliance - to take on BIG jobs
      So, you see why we are all so jaded that we're all so sick and tired of it all. In fact, I have sworn, over the years, that if I ever felt certain that I had the answer to our problems, what I would do is write it up and send it, via registered mail, to about 6 people whom I truly trust, and tell them to do the same - no emails, no seminars, no nothing - just send the solution via registered mail and never say a word about it. Good finking!

      I truly understand that Pierre has people to pay back since he had borrowed cash in order to do this work and he deserves to be compensated - no question. However, once he has those obligations met, I think we ought just to get the word out, but as secretly as possible.

      My other discouraging thoughts are that I have long believed that since we are on a prison planet, it won't matter what we do, we will never win. They simply won't allow it. They allow a few of us to win, in order to lure in the rest of us and then they send us to jail. Let me know your thoughts on all this. I'd like your feedback before I present anything to Pierre. That thought crossed my mind. Howeber, we missed the boat because the BOE Act is statute & its an act instituted in 1670 in UK> The world operates using BOEs. It cannot be easily removed without imploding the planet because Gov's & corps use the process. Haha we just fitting in with them. They will never block it, because frankly only a handfull of people will get their head around it & use it in an honourable way. It isn't for the masses because they won't put the energy in to learn the underlying process

      ps: I loved the Titanic-iceberg joke. ;-) me too
      Hope this helped Mary. Think, who might assist you to either get over to Pete's or get him over there? There's always solutions. Send the link to his recent utube broadcast to your friends and contacts. Am sure that will raise some interest.
      I'm getting results already. It is worth $millions to me because of the range of tasks one can apply this to. You can CREATE with this technology Mary. You're creative. You will see the potential. Most people, even those that have attended workshops only see that it can stop or discharge claims. The business thinker can only see opportunity
      Won't say online
      Can chat by skype & I can give a better overview
      Haha think, 'life is good'
      Gotta go
      Lots of love & hugs


      lots of hugs,

      On 3 May 2012 00:29, Mark n Karen <underthewire4me@...> wrote:

      On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 11:51 PM, Mary C < wrote:

      Hi MarkOne of three things will happen: we'll all die (except the gang down under); or, the sun will clear it all up; or, we'll all be ascending.

      Remember that Robert Monroe said that when he 'remote viewed' (in his fashion) he saw, in the year 3,000, that Earth was back to its pristine condition with no sign of 'man' ever having been here. I wish he had 'seen' the year 2013, however, those who claim to have done so, claim they see nothing. Nothing! What this sounds like to me is that they were unable to see a frequency higher than the one from which they were operating. So, maybe we're out of here soon, eh? I just wonder if I can stand the suspense over the next 8 months. hahaha you always were a character! love it
      I don't believe for a minute we have anything to fear. Our spirit lives on, regardless so what the heck? Enjoy each day & try to make a positive difference in this love lacking world yeahaaaa life is good!

      I don't think it is we who will put in the correction. I think all this is way beyond us. Right, though our thinking could also influence the outcome I do not think that we are capable of raising our consciousness to the necessary level, without some outside assistance, which I doubt we'll get, so I'm hoping that the sun is what will heal the entire situation and, if not, well, who cares?
      I am setting up an office with some incredible guys & gals who have great energy & wanna work with us. We'll set up a system
      chat again soon Keep smiling hugs & kisses
      Mark n Karen


      On 2 May 2012 01:32, Mark n Karen <underthewire4me@...> wrote:

      Northern hemisphere will be more ffected than southern
      no place is 100% safe these are megalomaniacs at work
      we have to focus on positive & believe we are protected

      On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 1:09 PM, <> wrote:

      I heard abou this. People in the US on you tube are measuring extreme fallout right across the continent. Time to kiss our asses goodbye. At least in 3D ;)

      > Mark n Karen <underthewire4me@...> wrote:


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      From: Freedom.Files.
      Date: Wed, May 2, 2012 at 1:37 AM
      Subject: Fukushima on Steroids: “Japan is in the Process of Contaminating
      the Entire Pacific Ocean”
      To: Rob Hay <


      I wish everything I am reporting on were not true, or at least were less
      true than it appears. It does seem that Japan is in the process of
      contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean via continued uncontrolled releases
      of radioactivity at Fukushima.

      After low-balling initial estimates of radiation releases, the Japanese
      authorities now acknowledge that substantial amounts of radioactive
      material leaked from the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi

      The nuclear disaster in Japan has released radioactive isotopes that have
      poisoned the country’s soil, food, and water.

      The fallout is being rapidly taken up by living things and passed up the
      food chain with airborne radioactive isotopes reaching around the world but
      especially in the northern hemisphere where most of the radioactive
      particles will settle.

      How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man .... A Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are

      I'll be happy to see the end of this ridiculous game/ experiment/life/whatever it is. It was not only just a bad idea but also a tragedy. Oh, well, eh?hey Mary, you're in great company. We think of you often & only space separates us. Otherwise we're in the same community. Enjoy every minute & go hug someone. Hahaha I could imagine the surprise in their face! Would be great to see you over here again a good friend headed to melbourne to talk to his legal, accounting & finance broker/palnner friends - he is businessman he is excited about what I shared about Pierre's process & wants me down there in June. we'll be trying to get Pete to go to Melbourne too in June These are exciting times where we can make a real difference will keep in touch Hope you're around a proactive group too We all need one another

      How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man .... A Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are
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