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Audio Lie claims North Korea is freere?????????????

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  • Mckinneyhunter@aol.com
    [Mckinneyhunter@aol.com] Audiodip is a leftie...ergo delusional and in a fog. [D S] Thanks for the history lesson, but it doesn t help resolve the issue of
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      [Mckinneyhunter@...] Audiodip is a leftie...ergo delusional and in a fog.

      [D S] Thanks for the history lesson, but it doesn't help resolve the issue of which side is the freer; Automatic Lie seems to think the north is; and everybody else, the south.

      [Keen Holland] Jude, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

      Korea was divided by the agreement at Potsdam between Truman and Stalin -
      Russian occupation was a part of the price of getting the Soviet Union into
      tthe war in the Pacific. Subsequent negotiations in Moscow led to a plan
      for a five-year occupation followed by elections and unification.

      Later, inability of the US and USSR to work out the details of elections
      and re-unification led to the appointment off a UN commission, boycotted by
      the USSR, which called for elections which were held the next year (1948)
      only in the US zone of occupation, the Soviets declining to allow voting in
      their zone. A national asembly met, formed a constitution, elected Synhman
      Rhee president and before the wend of that year the new government was
      recognized as he government of Korea by the UN General Assembly. In the
      meantime, the Soviets installed their own puppet regime in the north and it also
      claimed to be the government of all Korea.

      The Chinese, that is to say both the legal government and the communist revolutionaries, were still preoccupied at this time with the late stages of their civil war. The Truman administration, under thhe leadersip of secretary of State George C. Marshall, was busily aiding the communists in that
      civil war.

      If you can't see significant differences between the Korean War and the current ill-advised Mideast adventures, there is probably no point to this discussion.
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