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GoatGal on why freedom can't work

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  • Sheep&Goatlady
    [Sheep Goat Lady]Why would you want to know? Aren’t you the one against regulations and such? Aren t you for capitalism? That is what capitalism is all
    Message 1 of 50 , Mar 31, 2011
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      [Sheep Goat Lady]Why would you want to know? Aren�t you the one against regulations and such? Aren't you for capitalism? That is what capitalism is all about, make the money, we cannot have regulations,
      ** An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind Gandhi **

      [J. Keen Holland]So, it's better to have licensed bottlers put municipal tap water in plastic bottles and sell it as spring water - entirely legal in many states. Now if you wanted to sell me spring water, I'd want to know where you got it, how it was handled, and so on. And if all I had was the word of a stranger, I doubt I'd buy any.

      [Sheep&Goatlady] really? mmm, I guess it is just fine if someone scams someone else to make money? Let�s see, the private sector, capitalism without regs, can kill people, that is fine with you? Let�s see, I have a creek that runs thru my property, if I get some plastic bottles out of the local dump, rinse them out, put that creek water in them and sell them as spring water, that would be just fine to do to make money? it creek is spring fed some 25 miles from me but of course the irrigation water gets into it,, so that would be just fine with you if someone did that?
    • audiolaw@aol.com
      OOH, now I m convinced! Not tolerated! Wow! (but HOW?) Since the Voluntary Society has absolutely no mechanism for not tolerating anything, no mechanism
      Message 50 of 50 , May 8, 2011
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            OOH, now I'm convinced! 
            Not tolerated!  Wow!  (but HOW?) 
            Since the Voluntary Society has absolutely no mechanism for "not tolerating" anything, no mechanism for stopping fraud, stopping pollution, stopping crime, stopping lies, stopping ANYTHING that generates a profit for a huxter, we need something new: 
            What we need is to have the secret revealed of what messiah Galambos new definition of the term "not tolerated" means.  We know that one of the rules of the Galambist religion is that believers have to accept the new definitions that the messiah issued for common words. 
            As one of the Galamboids here keeps repeating, one of the secret definitions is that "aggressor" refers to a person who has been attacked by another, rather than the person doing the attacking. 
            Now we need to know what "not tolerated" means in a society where there  is no government structure, but there are mercenary armies for rent to whomever (or whatever corporation) can afford them. 
            Unfortunately, of course, the only way to get the secret definition is to BUY THE CDs.  That's right, send your prayer offering in for the sermon CDs.  And Bobalou will promise not to call the money he makes "profit" so he really doesn't "profit" from selling the prophet's sermons. 
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        Not tolerated in the Voluntary Society.
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