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Freedom in America, The State of Individual SOVEREIGNTY!

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  • Raymond Karczewski
    Freedom in America, The State of Individual SOVEREIGNTY! By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ This will probably be misunderstood by all but a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2016
      Freedom in America, The State of Individual SOVEREIGNTY!

      By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

      This will probably be misunderstood by all but a few, but here goes.

      You, each of you as Living Breathing, Flesh and
      Blood, Sentient natural men and women are
      holistic creatures, men, and women, creations of
      God, Children of God, the Essence of Infinite
      Intelligence which manifests as life itself, the
      unbounded, unlimited, timeless essence of Truth itself.

      Truth is HOLISTIC. You are TRUTH. You are
      holistic. You are fundamentally all of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

      All that arises from the Intellectual
      Consciousness of man is a fiction, Satanic In
      Origin and divisive and opposing in nature. Such
      satanic fragmentation and confusion is the very
      nature of civilized society and the nature of Hell itself.

      As this is self-evident for all to see, no
      explanation is necessary for those who have the
      spiritual eyes to see and the ears to hear. Such
      explanation will only be ARGUED with by the
      spiritually "Blind and the Dead" who are trapped
      in the confusion of their own satanically
      imposed, outer-programmed intellectual thought.

      It is not my intention to insult anyone, but by
      the above statement, you all know who and what
      your are and where you fit in life. That point is
      self-evident, it cannot be argued.

      Are you a Living Man or Woman or are you a
      governmentally created DEAD FICTIONAL PERSON?

      That isn't hard for you to comprehend, is it?

      Once you determine for yourself who and what you
      are, life becomes, simple, uncomplicated, direct,
      and peaceful, for the nondualistic essence of
      Love, replaces the dualistic struggle of a
      Satanic oppositional Intellect that attaches
      itself to every thought, concept, idea, and
      belief that makes up an Intellectually driven
      "Fictional Person." -- The nonliving robotic,
      human resource, obedient automaton who is
      conditioned to serve a mindless, soulless Satanic System of Control.

      Each of you have voluntarily consented to your
      own Satanic Slavery through the Indoctrinated
      Intellectual fear which imprisons your
      consciousness. Your purpose in life IS TO

      Obedience to GROUP THINK is the source of your
      own satanic hell, and cannot bring about a better
      world, for it has had its opportunity to do so
      since the BEGINNING OF TIME and you can see what such IGNORANCE has wrought.

      Isn't it time for you folks TO WAKE UP?

      No other man but I, in the recorded History of
      mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly
      revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
      enslave mankind ­INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!

      Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

      The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

      Change The Quality of Your Life Today

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