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Bloomberg: “Libertarians are the New Communists”

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  • Bob Wynman
    Excellent comments from our good friend, Dick Boddie! --bob & lou Bloomberg: ôLibertarians are the New Communistsö SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 ... By C.Jay Engel |
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2013
    Excellent comments from our good friend, Dick Boddie!

    --bob & lou

    Bloomberg: “Libertarians are the New Communists”

    SEPTEMBER 6, 2013




    By C.Jay Engel | C.Jay Engel lives Northern California with his wife,
    where he writes on everything from politics to theology and from
    culture to economic theory. C.Jay also writes on his own blog
    atwww.ReformedLibertarian.com. You can also follow him on twitter.


    > Opinions from Liberty Crier contributors and members are their own and
    > do not necessarily reflect those of The Liberty Crier.


    Nick Hanauer & Eric Liu wrote an absurd piece in Bloomberg
    called “Libertarians are the New Communists.” You might wonder how
    people get paid to write such ridiculous articles. But then you
    realize that someone actually gets paid to bomb foreigners,
    steal en masse from the world via the monetary system, and regulate
    voluntary business out of the market. Perhaps it is just the evil
    world in which we live. Regardless, one still wonders if the authors
    of the Bloomberg piece actually believe in the claims that they make.
    For instance, the writers claim the following:

    Yet the ideologies [libertarianism and communism] are simply mirror
    images. Both attempt to answer the same questions, and fail to do so in
    similar ways. Where communism was adopted, the result was misery,
    poverty and tyranny. If extremist libertarians ever translated their
    beliefs into policy, it would lead to the same kinds of catastrophe.

    It might help the authors if they, you know, actually told us what the
    “same questions” are that each group is attempting to answer. And how
    are these questions different than the one the plethora of “moderate”
    statists attempt to answer? Perhaps it would be more accurate to note
    that every theory of government attempts to answer the same questions.
    In which case, the questions do not matter nearly as much as the
    answers do. But if it is true that the answers are the focus of our
    difference with the communists, then there is really nothing similar at
    all between the two ideologies. In fact, we would be right to say that
    all these statists in the United States (and elsewhere) who are not
    communists per se, actually have more in common with the communists
    than the libertarians do.
    The Bloomberg propagandists draw the similarity of the two ideologies
    by saying that communism resulted badly and the libertarian ideology
    could possibly end badly. That causes one to be highly suspicious of
    their argument. What about the increasing misery, poverty, and tyranny
    in America? Is that because of communism or libertarianism, given the
    fact that we have neither?
    It is especially frustrating that the media outlets like Bloomberg
    continue to point to people like Ted Cruz and the Koch brothers as
    representatives of libertarianism. It is quite obvious that Ted Cruz
    wants less government than Romney and Obama, but for that to qualify
    him as an extremist libertarian is absolutely ridiculous. They cite
    two common phrases to say that the Koch brothers are libertarians:
    “trickle down economics” and “libertarian populism.” Problem: trickle
    down economics is a Reagan era corporatist and crony capitalist effort
    that depends on the Federal Government to manipulate the economy. And
    libertarian populism is an entirely different beast than ideological
    libertarianism. All libertarian populism refers to is an older,
    pro-war, Goldwater-esque conservatism. And their claim that Cruz’s
    “highest aspiration is to shut down government” is ludicrous. Yes he
    has stated that he would rather delay Obamacare and risk a temporary
    Federal Government closure, but to say that he wants to eliminate
    government is a flat-out lie. Just ask him.
    Cruz is not an extremist libertarian. He is a conservative. Nobody
    doubts that he is better than Obama. But “better than Obama” is not
    the litmus test for the libertarian. Libertarianism has an entire
    theory behind it. The authors of the author have no clue what they are
    saying. Of their mentioned libertarians (Norquist, Rand and Ron Paul,
    Cruz, and the Kochs), the only one that could possibly say he is a true
    libertarian is Ron. To say otherwise is to misunderstand
    The article makes quite a number of unfounded statements about
    libertarianism. But these can simply be dismissed on the simple basis
    that the authors have very clearly never read a libertarian manifesto.
    What I want to focus on is their deceitful claim that communism and
    libertarianism are cousins.
    They claim that “like Communism… Radical libertarianism assumes that
    humans are wired only to be selfish, when in fact cooperation is the
    height of human evolution.” Actually, libertarianism can work with
    claims that man is selfish or man is altruistic. When the authors say
    that “in fact cooperation is the height of human evolution” they
    effectively harm their own case against liberty. For if man is
    naturally a cooperating being, what need is there for the State? Why
    not just let anarchy be? After all, we will just cooperate anyway. So
    their argument here falls short. Libertarians can take either side of
    that debate. What if men are evil and selfish? Then we can certainly
    not put such terrible beings in power over other men! Libertarianism
    does not concern itself with whether man is good or evil. Rather, the
    libertarian points out that, regardless of good or evil, it is wrong
    for one individual to commit aggression against another individual.
    To be frank there are no more examples of the similarities between the
    two ideologies despite the tempting title. The only possible exception
    is their claim that both result in catastrophe. But we have already
    shown that our current world of neither has been plunged into
    catastrophe. There is no more rule of law, order, peace, or confidence
    in any government system. So much for the utopia of a “mixed” system.
    We might challenge the authors to give us more examples of their claim
    about a similarity between the two. That way at least we can have a
    However, the authors move on to pontificate:

    Reasonable people debate how best to regulate or how government can
    most effectively do its work — not whether to regulate at all or
    whether government should even exist.

    Thus, it seems like the libertarian is unreasonable. Right? Well if
    the authors can just make things up out of thin air like the Fed
    creates money, here is my counter-point: Reasonable people do not need
    to put faith in the government in hopes of building a better
    society. Now what? Unfortunately for the authors they do not have the
    supreme authority to determine the subjects that “reasonable people”
    are allowed to debate. If it is so unreasonable that people debate
    whether the government should exist, then we are curious to see the
    reason for such a statement. Is it reasonable to debate whether or not
    theft should exist? Or are we stuck debating how the thief can most
    effectively do his work? If there is a difference between the
    government and the thief, what, pray tell, are the differences? Of
    course in asking these questions, I am probably being unreasonable. I
    hope they will forgive me.
    Above all, they have failed to provide a true connection between
    communism and libertarianism. In attempting to claim that they have
    however, they misrepresented both of these viewpoints. That is the
    most they have done. It is an article of mostly propaganda and
    meaningless statements. They have proven nothing except their own
    ignorance. Communism is the ultimate abandonment of freedom, the
    individual, and property. Libertarianism is the fulfillment of these
    three. Libertarianism is therefore the opposite of communism. The
    present statist system is far closer to communism than libertarianism
    could ever be.
    Perhaps this is the true reason our world is politically and
    economically in catastrophe.



    "Every time we object to a thing being done by the government, the
    socialists conclude that we object to it being done at all."
    ~ Frederic Bastiat, French libertarian economist, "The Law" 1850

    "Talk about slavery! It is not the peculiar institution of the South.
    It exists wherever men are bought and sold, wherever a man allows himself
    to be made a mere thing or a tool, and surrenders his inalienable rights of
    reason and conscience. Indeed, this slavery is more complete than that which
    enslaves the body alone."
    ~ Henry David Thoreau
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