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Re: Why the Dems Keep Winning? Jill Shady

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    Shady Lady WWP Member and Che Guevara groupie (ShadysLife@aol.com) Your Funny Fats, I notice since You found out Obama was eligible for running for the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2013
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      Shady Lady WWP Member and Che Guevara groupie (ShadysLife@...) Your Funny Fats, I notice since You found out Obama was eligible for
      running for the presidency NO MATTER WHERE HE WAS BORN (You stop lying about is
      eligibly to run for PROTUS} because his Mom was a American Citizen Born in
      Kansas. Like Ted Cruz was born in Canada but his mom was born in America
      both are eligible to run for POTUS. The difference is Obama is already
      President. Cruz will never be president old lady. BY the way, as was proven
      time and time again, Obama was born in Hawaii. Why the Hell do you far right
      losers lie so much? It must be heredity.
      BTW the word is" the" not rthe.

      Margaret Hemenway (ducky4817@...) Please spare us from rthe boredom of having to correct yet another idiot
      who can't spell- it's LOSE, not LOOSE.

      the answer becomes painfully obvious -- Dems often win b/c they lie
      (remember Obummer campaigned as a tax cutter and racial healer- and you clowns
      fell for it!!), buy votes, commit voter fraud and seem to have a large number
      of stupid, illiterate followers who didn't seem to spend enough time in a
      classroom to learn to think- or to learn to think for themselves.

      They also commit rampant fraud-- consider Obama as a classic example- he
      wasn't born in Hawaii- he has more than one SSN- NO ONE can explain in any
      rational way why he has a CT-derived SSN- no one even asked why he and
      Moochelle BOTH "SURRENDERED" THEIR LAW LICENSES-- why do you go to an Ivy League
      school, obtain a license to practice law and then just give it up
      (answer-- you don't unless you're being threatened w/ being stripped of your
      license b/c of some ethical or other violation!!)-- Dems don't want answers-
      won't even ask questions- b/c they KNOW in their dirty little hearts that Obama
      is a habitual liar and a complete PHONY. And that's OK w/ them b/c they
      are liars and phonies too.

      Increasingly, it is evident that the leftwing Democrat Party (remember the
      delegates sought to remove God from their platform & God had to be jammed
      back in, undemocratically- as Dem delegates crudely booed and jeered their
      "leaders") is an IMMORAL, CORRUPT, and un-American party which embraces
      socialism and would gladly shred the Constitution-- morphing this country (the
      euphemism is "transforming) into a Third World basket case-- resembling
      Cuba or any other failed socialist state in Eastern Europe. They have become
      the party of greed and stupidity-- they are not smart enough to look at the
      myriad examples of failed socialist states w/ bankrupt social programs and
      learn a bloody thing from RECENT history!

      After all- there's ZERO unemployment in bankrupt communist Cuba-- and as
      the Cubans know, the government pretends to pay them- and they pretend to
      work. But as long as dumbasses like Shady can pretend that Cuba is a
      worker's paradise & it's all OUR FAULT b/c of the embargo (this is the Cuban
      version of "blame Bush")- then the Democrat Party will gladly march down the
      path to Havana(:
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