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Example of "Double Standards"

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  • Heather Van Doran
    Heather Van Doran WWP Email Member and enemy of pedophiles (vandoran.heather@yahoo.com) El Presidente rules! Tonio Rocciano WWP Member (bullfrogsnavy@aol.com)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2013
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      Heather Van Doran WWP Email Member and enemy of pedophiles (vandoran.heather@...) El Presidente rules!

      Tonio Rocciano WWP Member (bullfrogsnavy@...) Good Monday morning, this message from my Dragonlady shows just how
      much and how far the insufferable idiots in the white house and media have and are going to bring about divisiveness between blacks and whites in our nation. obummer has been going about bleeting of  [its] negro roots in order to feign alliance with real Black Americans when in fact he never has had any black experiences. Fact is many of us don't want [it] That comment has nothing to do with racism it does have to do with not wanting to be a part of the negativity [it] along with holder, sharpton, Jackson and other race baiters are foisting on the millions of Americans who are busy living and loving together. America does not need this oral diarrhea from these evil people.We are trying to get on with our lives...NPR/CPR, would never air a story like this, its too busy begging for funds to continue airing stories about off the wall rock bands and on stories about the few blacks they find who spout poetry about Mao...

       Does this arrogant piss ant look like someone who could be a street fighter? or a self entitled wuss which it has always been...OBUMMER IS A COWARD AN EMPTY SUIT, HIDING BEHIND THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT!

      From: dragonlady@...
      Thanks to Helen "M" for sharing this story. I did not hear about it before. In searching I found this from CNN. There are video's in the article.
      >I posted the link to facebook and wrote this above it -
      >This article from Mon March 25, 2013. Where is the outrage and Justice for this innocent 13 month old child ? He was white, the youth's that are charged with his killing were black. No Stand your Ground here, this baby was in his stroller. See why I say "Double Standards" ? My sympathy to the Family of this baby, and to the Family of Trayvon Martin. No Parent should have to see her 13 month old baby killed. No parent should have to bury their children. But, please think about this case. Spread the word about this case. This happened 4 months ago, and there have been no marches held, no outcries as in the case of Trayvon
      >Baby's death marks 2nd time Georgia mom loses a son to violence
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