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Spiritual Children or Spiritual Adults: Who are We America?

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  • Raymond Karczewski
    Raymond Karczewski WWP Member (arkent3@earthlink.net)Spiritual Children or Spiritual Adults: Who are We America? Dayton Stelly wrote: Raymond Karczewski
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2013
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      Raymond Karczewski WWP Member (arkent3@...)Spiritual Children or Spiritual Adults: Who are We America?

      Dayton Stelly wrote:

      Raymond Karczewski wrote:

      ds: > God has many names...Lord, Christ, Allah,
      Satan, Beelzebub, Eric Clapton, Ra, Zeus...

      ds: > That is if you believe in God.

      ds: > If there is a God, he is unfair, bipolar,
      insecure, sadistic, manipulative, etc. Why do I say this? Think about it.

      ds: > He claims to be the one true god, but
      various cultures claim theirs is the one true
      god. Maybe he just wants to pit us against one
      another for his own amusement. Heaven must be boring, after all.
      He wants constant praise, so he must be insecure.

      rk: Dayton, you have missed the mark in you
      dissertation, have you not? You are not speaking
      of God, Truth, Divine Awareness, Infinite
      Intelligence, the wholistic energy that permeates
      all of creation. you speak of Satan the petty
      god of finite Intellect. The god of division,
      opposition, conflict, contradiction and
      confusion. The god that rules the world of
      civilized man. the god that has conditioned you to beleive as you do.

      rk: The God of Creation and the god of Intellect
      are of distinctly different realms found within the Consciousness of mankind.

      ds: > I'd think it'd be annoying to have people
      constantly kissing my ass. People use the term
      "god's plan" a lot. That contradicts "free will".
      If people are, in fact, following god's plan, and
      committing sins that'll send them to hell, than
      basically, god is creating people just to send
      them to hell to be tortured for eternity. Not exactly a loving god, is he?

      rk: How does a child grow into adulthood. By
      Trial and Error, does he not? To remain inert is
      to be an eternal infant, a child to be coddled,
      cared for and secure, never having to risk making
      a mistake. Do you think America, for example is
      populated by adults or by spoiled children? You
      see, age has nothing to do with spiritual childhood or adulthood.

      ds: > More of a hypocritical and sadistic
      bastard, if you ask me. And unjust because no sin
      is worth an eternity of torture. Even Christ only
      had to suffer for only 3 days, and that was for ALL of man's sins.

      rk: That is, of course if you believe in
      fairytales, as in the satanic myth of Christ, as most spiritual children do.

      ds: > I'm sorry, but I don't accept your god. I
      don't buy into the bullshit society has tried to
      feed me. The biggest problem the world faces
      today is that people cannot, or will not, think
      for themselves. Do you really need the fear of
      eternal damnation to treat others with respect?
      If so, you're still an asshole. -Dayton Stelly

      rk: But Dayton, have you not in fact bought into
      the "bs" that society has conditioned you to
      believe? And are you not worshipping and
      following the dictates of the petty god of
      intellect by arguing with yourself. All that
      goes with the ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF,
      rather than be AWARE OF YOURSELF and your actions
      both within and without? Has it not left you
      bitter, resentful, angry, and agressive? Now ask
      yourself, would Infinite Intelligence call for
      you to live that way? It, God, Infinite
      Intelligence would not deprive you of free
      choice. It is such free choice which dictates
      whether one is a Spiritual Child, are a Spiritual Adult, a Christ.

      rk: Looking at your comments, which would you
      perceive yourself and most Americans to be???

      "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
      including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
      SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

      Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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