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MEDICIDE: The US Medical System is Nation's Number one Killer -THINNING THE HERD 8

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  • david perry
    David W Perry WWP Email Member (dwperry2002@yahoo.com) THE U.S. MEDICAL SYSTEM IS ... polled said they would kill their patient if told to do so by the
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      David W Perry WWP Email Member (dwperry2002@...)
      THE U.S.
      > [Ed Note: 80% of the medical school student
      polled said they would kill their patient if told to do so by the academic dean
      of the university. A Neurosurgeon told me he could kill a patient in a subtle
      way that even the head nurse would not know the difference. In the forthcoming APA of Obama the withholding of medical treatment is a lead matter in effective
      “voluntary” death. That is the entire basis of the abortion program, “voluntary
      execution” of unborn children by decapitation and crushing heads for profit to
      go down a disposal.
      >This is the lead profit center for medical treatment and is the most frequent procedure in all of medical management today. The 5-4 decision led with Sandra Day O'Conner stating that it was OK if it was "voluntary and paid for by the cash of the mother". Everything done in Germany in last century was legal in Germany. 
      >Serial capital murder which is what it was in the 1960's and before became usual and customery standard of care, first do no harm overnight . Unborn children are not voters and are a liability to the gross national product and the entitlements. "Cash on the table. I want to see the color of your money before I see the color of your babies blood when I decapitate your son or daughter to get down disposal." 
      in charge of the death camps, now FEMA camps in the US, 
      >“The doctors are the
      easiest group to be the willing executioners and rented white coats of the
      Third Reich. They will kill when given the chance for pennies on the mark.”
      “voluntary” Thinning the Herd program will emphasis a “End of Life Contract”
      pushed by the current group of physicians to stop costs in the hospital. Here
      in Texas Medical Center Houston, there are conferences by the heads of all the
      hospitals to “redefine death” as being something other than a straight line EEG
      and EKG but rather on economic terms that the expenditure of money admittedly
      in the $ 100,000’s of dollars is “futile care” meaning the “Corporate Product”
      a.k.a. human being patient in obsolescent terminology is not likely to be
      productive in the Gross Domestic Product globally and should be scraped like a
      piece of equipment on a rust belt factory floor.
      >An ACA
      “Ethics Committee” the euphemism of the medical community to be the equivalent
      of the “Inquisition Star Chamber” will issue an order that all care will be
      stopped in 10 days for the family to have time to transfer to another hospital
      that will take them. In Brazil
      they are taken to the city dump and left to die. The PETA society petitioned
      that the dogs should not be left there and caused a stir. One time the man lay
      dying, and he was brought to a hospital and he was rejected.
      Affordable Care Act cost savings in the ACA comes from the drop in the expense of the
      Entitlements, not in the drop in expense of medical care, which is a major
      component in agenda of THINNING THE HERD 8.
      >ArdenGifford, MD ]

      >By Rob Pell
      >March 11, 2013
      >Ideas for reducing unnecessary, preventable deaths in this
      country have been in the news a lot lately. Where shall we begin? Annual gun
      related homicides total about 11,000 and automobile fatalities are about 35,000
      per year.
      >Would you be surprised to learn that the leading cause of death
      in the US  appears to be the medical system itself. This
      is the startling conclusion reached in a report published by medical researchers:
      Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and
      Dorothy Smith, PhD.
      >Deaths resulting from inadvertent, adverse effects or
      complications from medical treatment or diagnostic procedures are known as
      Iatrogenisis, meaning: Brought forth by a healer (from the Greek iatros,
      healer).Their report places the number of annual iatrogenic (brought forth by a
      healer) deaths in the USat 783,936.
      >Hippocrates is often regarded as the father of western medicine
      and 98% of American medical students swear to some form of the Hippocratic Oath
      before practicing medicine. One of the underlying principals of the Oath is:
      “first, do no harm.” I'm not sure if that's sad or ironic.
      >The largest single contributor to iatrogenic deaths are
      prescription drugs, being used as directed. According to a report issued by
      Medical News Today, over 4 billion prescriptions were written for drugs in America in 2011
      . That's an average of over 13 for each man, woman and child. The average
      number of prescriptions written annually for a senior citizen is 28 per year.
      That doesn't include over- the-counter medications or vaccines. If these drugs
      could successfully treat and cure disease, the United States would have the
      healthiest inhabitants on the planet.
      >The possible adverse reaction warnings on TV drug commercials
      have become a punch line for comedian's routines, but, life-threatening
      side-effects are no laughing matter. Common side-effects of individual drugs
      are well publicized but it's impossible for physicians or pharmacists to
      reliably predict what possible side-effects will occur when combining three, four,
      13 or 28 different drugs.
      >I was recently saddened to read the obituary of one of my
      customers, a strongly-built Military Veteran in his mid-seventies, who appeared
      to me to be in excellent health five years ago. His son told me that he had
      reviewed his Dad's prescriptions with him and was shocked to discover that 9 of
      the 12 drugs his father was taking had been prescribed to treat side-effects
      from one of the other drugs. His father was found dead, lying on the floor of
      his residence. No autopsy was performed.
      >The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published
      a study by Dr. Barbara Starfield, an MD with a Master’s degree in Public
      Health, revealing the extremely poor performance of the United States
      health care system in a number of areas.
      >One of Starfield's main concerns is the lack of systematic
      recording and studying of adverse events stemming from prescription drugs. If a
      patient dies, there is no routine procedure to notify their physician, even if
      the patient is autopsied. Therefore, there is almost no way for the average
      doctor to link a patient's death to a possible adverse reaction to a prescribed
      >This is especially troubling because another article published
      in JAMA concluded prescription drugs, being used as directed, cause about
      106,000 deaths a year and over two million serious injuries annually in the U.S. This makes
      prescription drugs the single largest factor in deaths induced by the medical
      >Nationally, only about 20% of all deaths are subject to
      investigation by a coroner or medical examiner. If the cause of death was made
      certain in all cases by autopsy, I'm quite sure that the number of deaths
      actually caused by prescription drugs, being used as directed, would dwarf the
      106,000 per year the JAMA report acknowledged.
      >I've seen enough to believe that in many cases Big-Pharma is far
      more concerned with creating repeat, lifetime customers rather than finding
      cures. Joining the drug companies, the FDA and insurance companies are the
      kingpins behind this profit-driven business model. Some call doctors
      well-meaning, unsuspecting pawns of Big-Pharma. Others call them street level
      pushers for FDA sanctioned drug cartels. Either way, the kingpins couldn't do
      it without medical doctors helping them complete the drug delivery system.
      >Due to concerns about dangerous side-effects from long-term use,
      many prescription drugs were, at one time, specifically prescribed only for
      short-term use Now, just a few years later, many of the same drugs are
      routinely prescribed, indefinitely, for the rest of your life.
      >Further, the Null-Dean report showed that the number of people
      exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million per year. This
      is cause for concern because a 2008 study issued by the Office of Inspector
      General for the Department of Health and Human Services, reported that one in
      seven Medicare beneficiaries who is hospitalized will be harmed as a result of
      the medical care they receive in the hospital.
      >Prescription drugs and hospital visits are very risky business.
      Unlike with other more well publicized causes of death, simply taking greater
      personal responsibility for our own health and well-being could save hundreds
      of thousands of lives every year. Unfortunately, more gun or traffic laws will
      do nothing to save us from what is actually the Nation's number one killer, the
      U.S.medical system.
      >This article originally appeared in The Daily Courier,
      >© 2013 Robert Pell - All Rights Reserve
      >Rob Pell owns and operates Sunshine Natural Foods in Grants Pass, Oregon
      and has 35 years experience helping people with natural foods, products,  exercise and healing.
      >Website: Sunshine Natural Foods
      >E-Mail: RobertPell9@...
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