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we all tend to see strangers as pretty much like ourselves

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  • Bob Wynman
    Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@wynman.com) We ve found that to be true also, Bill. It seems that we all tend to see strangers as pretty
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2013
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      Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@...) We've found that to be true also, Bill. It seems that we all tend to see strangers as pretty much like ourselves.

      Perhaps that 'splains why you & we & a few others know that the voluntary society is the ideal, since most folks are basically good ... ad why the statists, religionists, politicians and other criminals know that the State is necessary for society to function, since most folks are basically evil.

      AND ... if most folks ARE evil, we certainly don't want a State ruling us, since the State's power always attracts the most evil of the evil ... as demonstrated by the sort of political "leaders" we've had for several decades.

      --bob & lou

      Bill Pitsker WWP web member (pitsblot@...) May I?

      It is a common human failing to judge all of mankind by the examples we always see and hear about – the ones in the news – when this is a miniscule sampling. It is my experience in life that the run-of-the-mill human – passing on the street – is just another me, different in most all ways, but a human attempting to live a good life, and do as little harm as possible. We should try to avoid seeing everybody as a potential thief, mugger, or con-artist – realizing that there are such, at the same time, and being inwardly prepared to defend ourselves, as certainly the cops won't.

      I'm that common anachronism – the gregarious recluse – and I can make conversation with strangers easily. I'd say that more than half the times, I find myself in a pleasant conversation, and even occasionally, with a name and e-mail or phone number. No, most people are good at the core. I'll say that, were it not for the extremely pervasive propagandizing, we'd be a really great nation.

      Bottom line? Yeah, it could work here. Let's volunteer. (But first, we must muscle aside the “enslavement” mentality – and do what (?) to the slave-masters).

      [Don't for a minute get me wrong. The vast majority of those who rise (?) to the state or federal level in government are scum-bags, slime balls, unworthy of any regard, and deserving of great and painful punishment.]

      Earl Reese holder of a doctorate in Psychology and WWP Email Member (earljreese@...) Maybe. it would certainly work much better in smaller, more confined locales than in big cities. Self protection and social shunning would be important as would private security, liability insurance and private mediators.

      In our musings the big difference would not be the abolishment of ALL govt. but the abolishment of the state and public govt..

      No one will ever change human nature and it would be naïve to act as if that had happened. You'd be like Obama.
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