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MarineGal: ""I want more freedom"."??

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  • Robin Crane
    Robin Crane WWP Invitee (patriot451@gmail.com) Bob wrote, *Freedom is 100% control of one s life and property ... and zero control of anyone else s. * * *
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2013
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      Robin Crane WWP Invitee (patriot451@...) Bob wrote, "*Freedom is 100% control of one's life and property ... and zero control of anyone else's."*
      *Bob, give me, say, ten examples of where you can have 100% freedom without affecting anyone else, then another ten examples of where you can have 100% freedom ONLY while affecting anyone else.*
      *Seems to me that there are a lot of examples of BOTH, and it's the second kind that needs government. Almost NOTHING the Koch Brothers do in the public sphere is of the first type, and almost everything that Monsanto does is of the second type.*

      *Robin Crane*


      *“The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire
      against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.”*

      *Abraham Lincoln*


      Elyse WWP Invitee (USMCdaughter1@...) Sorry Bob - I'll keep my freedom and you are welcome to yours. With all due respect of course.

      Randist Bo7b aka Bob Wynman WWP Email Member (bobalou@...) Gotta comment on that great signature line, MarineGal:*
      *RE: "I want more freedom".*
      *--So do we!*
      *RE: "I want more freedom, separation of powers, no illegal search and seizure,"*
      *--We believed that was what we wanted also. it took about 40 years of study, observation & practice to realize that once the State is granted power, that power can NEVER be limited for long. EVERY State continues to grow 'til it destroys itself, as ours is doing rather rapidly now.*
      *RE: "I don’t want to give up two hundred years of freedom ..."*
      ** *--that reads almost like you've swallowed the indoctrinated myth that we, in the USA, have (or once had) freedom. Freedom is 100% control of one's life and property ... and zero control of anyone else's. We've never had anything close to that. The Constitution, probably the finest document of its kind ever written, granted the State unlimited power to steal
      (taxation, control of the money supply) kill (war, execution) kidnap
      (detention, conscription, arrest) and that power, as always has increased steadily since before the ink on the document dried.*
      *We've finally come to understand that the State is not fixable. It's an immoral, force-based concept that can never provide lasting freedom,
      prosperity and peace ... only war, poverty and servitude.*

      *The solution is to build the Voluntary Society, WITHOUT the State ... NOW.*

      An interesting start in this regard can be obtained, mostly FREE:

      1-- Dave Woodward & Nancy Rhyme Snelson: The Win-Win Paradigm,

      2--Fred Marks is making the work of Andrew Galambos available ... FREE

      2--Stefan Molyneux: thousands of hours of information FREE

      4--Dennis Riness: Civilization Engineering DVD & syllabus

      5--Bonnie Lange: V-76, "The Declaration,Thomas Paine & Your Freedom" FREE www.Galambos.com.

      & Join us at Libertopia in August in San Diego (www.Libertopia.org)!
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