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RR NSA Wiretapping: Repeal Of 4th Amendment - Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

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  • Rich Martin
    POTUS is a well trained and successful Community Activist that used those skills to successfully control the most powerful nation in the world Alynski s Rules
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2013
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      POTUS is a well trained and successful Community Activist that used those skills
      to successfully control the most powerful nation in the world

      Alynski's Rules
      Here's one you may be able to recognize
      overload the system dont let up

      Fw: Check out Obama Birth Certificate To Be Questioned

      I agree, Jim,  with your comments below, but would like to add a couple of points of my own.

      First, if declared Usurper is included in the things to be undone would be his appointments to the SCOTUS.
      (Think they'll recuse themselves from deliberations?

      And, it makes not a whit where the man was born; when his mother signed him up for public school
      in Indonesia, which does not allow dual citizenship, he lost any US citizenship he might have had.

      Based on the evidence on hand, not only is he a Usurper but in actuality an illegal alien immigrant as well.

      Rich Martin

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      Then there is the sticky mess of holding citizenship of another country.
      Just as much fraudulently collecting Social Security.
      A legitimate birth certificate cannot dismiss those charges.
      And since college records say he was a foreign student and probably
      has his signature on the application which can he claim to be?
      I would like to see also a drug test.

      Jim P
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      Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:56 AM
      Subject: [TheFinePrint] Check out Obama Birth Certificate To Be Questioned

      from within the article:
      If Sheriff Joe is correct that the PDF is a forgery, that does not automatically prove that Obama is not eligible to hold the office of president. It just means that, to date, he has not provided any credible proof that he is eligible to hold that office.
      I've underlined the portion I thought worthy of commenting upon.. for it is about as false as one could possibly put forth, as it does NOT 'just mean' etc.. Why? Because it means, among other things, that B.O. and others have 'willfully' attempted to deceive the American people.. this is not something that can be brushed off with a mere handful of words, for this action is a crime in and of itself.. It means the B.O. and his cronies have committed fraud (and I'm sure the legal beagles could come up with numerous charges if they so determined), pure and simple!
      Even if he was born in Hawaii, but of a different dad (as many suspect), it matters not, as he still has committed this fraud by covering up that fact.. either way, whether born in the U.S. or not, he has committed a crime, a crime punishable by serving time!
      My 'guess' is that if they really goes before the S.C. of Alabama, that he'll resign (supposedly over one of the other scandals or a combination of them all) and leave Joe Biden as POTUS, not to mention all the so-called laws he's signed in place and the many czars he's installed! It's either that, or he has to 'reach' one or more judges on the Court and make sure they rule in his favor.. (which likely isn't all that difficult given the propensity of fear to work it's magic)
      I'm Just Sayin'..
      P.S.  I'm inclined towards my first guess because the second one is chancy, potentially messy, and leaves the door open to too many quesitions.. after all, if this ever truly gets to a court, then it has more of a far reaching affect.. *shrug*..

      May 13, 2013
      The Bloody Hands of Barack Obama
      By Stella Paul


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      Stephen Collinson

      May 21, 2013

      • http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/obama-to-take-first-major-africa-trip/story-fni0xqll-1226647774381

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